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CDC Virtual Basketball Association (7 Teams Available)


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Welcome to the Virtual Basketball Association


Credit to InSoM-


Hosted by UMADBRO?

Teams and GM's

Atlanta Hawks - Krazz

Boston Celtics - 2gingers1cup

Brooklyn Nets -

Charlotte Bobcats -

Chicago Bulls - Alex Galchenyuk [AGM: Caboose]

Cleveland Cavaliers -

Dallas Mavericks -

Denver Nuggets - Sven Baertschi

Detroit Pistons - A1 CANUCK

Golden State Warriors - Tony Romo

Houston Rockets -

Indiana Pacers - sumra187

Los Angeles Clippers - By Crom!

Los Angeles Lakers - Chimon

Miami Heat - srsface

Milwaukee Bucks - Kazakh Man

Minnesota Timberwolves - Jumbotron92

New Orleans Hornets -

New York Knicks - Nucklehead16

Oklahoma City Thunder - UMADBRO?

Orlando Magic - xChris76

Philadelphia 76ers - Pretty-Swede-91

Phoenix Suns - Ryan Murray

Portland Trail Blazers - Suter

Sacramento Kings - Mr. Quacks

San Antonio Spurs - Baggy Spandex

Toronto Raptors -

Utah Jazz - Bazinga!

Vancouver Grizzlies - BananaMash

Washington Wizards - canucklax

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Welcome to the NBA 2K12 CDC Sim League

This is a Simulation fantasy league,where you will take over a team as it's General Manager, build your team from the players given, trade with your fellow colleagues and sign players through free agency, and fight for the NBA Championship!

This game is meant to be fun for everyone, so, please don't be a troll, we are all trying to have fun here, it just makes it annoying and not fun for everyone.

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By Crom! has been hired as the GM of the Los Angeles Clippers!

You really only need to know basic knowledge about basketball and running a team in any sport (hockey)

Don't be scared to join!

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I would love to fill out 30 but will probably start if we can fill out 15

Sorry about the OP, I'm on an iPad right now so it can't be as organized as I could make it

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The LA Clippers are not open for trade talks because their GM is a rookie and he doesn't want to make moves early that he will regret later on. Maybe once we figure out the cap situation and the strengths and weaknesses of our team we can start to think about trades.

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K, I'm signing of for the night, will make it look beautiful tomorrow when I'm on my laptop, I will try and get mrore of the rosters done tomorrow, and figure out the rules


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