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[Proposal] Trading Ryan Kesler

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Kesler needs to change as a person and player or he is useless for this team. I don't care if he's injured or not - it's his fault he played all season with a nagging shoulder injury instead of having it fixed earlier on and resting, because he was useless for us down the stretch.

Either his arrogance goes or he does. Stop playing injured and hurting the team because it's the most selfish thing he can do. Now, because of Kesler, we lost our backup plan in Hodgson.

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Who plays our 2nd line center role now that you got rid of Kesler?

Last year's Chicago series he played well in a shutdown role, Toews and Kane didn't do much that whole series.

Nashville he was super beast mode,

San Jose was the sedin show but Kesler played a good series too.

Boston all of the Canucks sucked / were injured that series,

I think Kesler is great but the organization needs to manage injuries and ensure the player knows that he needs to take the time to fully heal because we can find plugs and ways to win in the regular season but in the playoffs we need 100% of our top players going at 100% in order to win.

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The only reason you should trade Kesler is if you are getting an upgrade and you are not going to get that with Kesler's recent injuries. If you are interested in trading Kesler for youth (ie. The Philly situation) then you have to players who can jump in and replace his production instantly which again you do not have. All things considered, trading Ryan Kesler is stupid.

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