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Top Free Agents Who Are Likely Going To July 1St

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parise - im sure you've heard but its hard to put a price on him exactly because you dont know how the contract is gonna be constructed....its gonna cost a lot

suter - some of you might have seen on "the hotstove" on saturday but suter is looking for this deal to be his last so he wants a long term deal. now 60m/10yrs (is my guess) isnt that bad so that will be the ball park that suter will get

huselius - fleischman of 2012, hurt for pretty much the entire year but has serious skill so whats the price??? it could be anywhere from 2m-4.5m

boyes - coming off of awful year but is still a solid 2nd line right winger who can put up 20 goals....2m-3m is the price to be

kubina - phi experiment blew up in his face so his stock took a hit....2m-3m for a 3rd pairing veteran

stuart - the 2nd best defenseman behind suter but he is most likely going to sj.....4m-5m is a fair price for his services

jackman - this bc native is 50/50 right now, stl has the money and he is invested his whole career there but you never know, he might just want a fresh start and since stl is looking to deal for a left handed top four defenseman...maybe jackman might pushed out, 4m-4.5m price tag

hecht - has had concussions issues so i wouldnt touch him with a 10ft pole but he has to play somewhere so a team like ana, car, chi, dal, det, min etc might take a chance on him after all there other options have be worn out...2m-3m on a short term deal

carle - puck moving defensemen who might get pushed out phi, they have meszaros, timonen, coburn, grossman, lilja and with pronger holding 4.9m on the cap hostage i dont think there is room for carle. they also haft to find contracts for jagr and vorachek with 61m already being eaten up for next year its gonna be tough for phi....4m-4.5m for this blueliner

allen - hasnt won a cup yet so i cant see him wanting to stay in car....3m-3.5m for this rugged blueliner

jones - he sees the money and the oppurtunitys at the end of the tunnel so i have david jones heading to free gency...he is the dark horse of this years free agent class...3m-4m for this unproven top six winger

corvo - had an off year in bos so he will test the market but still has 35+ point years left him and with him being a righty a lot of teams will calling for the 33 year old...2.5m-3.5m for his services

zanon - boston rental piece is likely to hit free agency, one of my fav shot blocking foot soldiers....2m-3m for this 4/5 defenseman

clark - horrible year in tb but their goaltending was horrible so a bad year in the plus/minus department is to be expected...1m-2.5m for the depth defenseman

parenteau - ???? you dont know what your getting with this guy but with there being such a shallow free agent pool he will test the market and take his 67 point year elsewhere....3m-4.5m for this 2nd line RW

wideman - not sure about this guy, wsh has the money but they might want to give orlov a shot so wideman might be heading to free agency....the only legit top four defenseman who is a right handed shot on the market so a lot of teams will come calling....4m-5.5m range for this powerply quarterback

shultz - never seen him play but he is supposed to be the best defenseman in north america not playing in the NHL. rumour has it it will come down to edm and van....a great oppurtunity with lots of ice time or play for his hometown and be a up and coming depth player.....1m-2.5m to catch this young stud

players who are gonna be on the canucks radar

please add any names you feel i forgot

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I think the canucks should go after Shane Doan, he is the perfect forward to play with Kesler or the Sedins.

And i know I am going to get flamed for this but I think if we can Get Penner for less then 2.75 million he might be a good pick up. The Canucks need net presence.

and we need tough stay at home Dman to clear out the front of the net (willi mitchell :sadno: )

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Nicklas Danielsson? I'd rather take a chance with him than sign Huselius.


27-year-old Nicklas Danielsson has played two seasons with Modo. The just-completed season was 52 points in 53 appearances in the top division, the playoffs, he made three points in six games.

After the success has Nicklas Danielsson decided to leave Modo.

- I am not averse to coming back in the future if interest would be from the club then, says Danielsson allehanda.se.

Now waiting for vacation in Miami, which club it will be next season is not clear.

According to MoDo general manager Markus Naslund is certain, however, that Nicklas Danielsson changing premier league game against abroad.

- He has played in the top division after all, over a long period and demonstrated that he is excellent here. It is no wonder and no surprise to us, either, says Naslund to HockeyExpressen.se.

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Moen, Shultz, C.Kelly and if you can move Ballards contract would love B.Allen. Luongo trade should fetch us Schenn or Connolly plus picks so if Connolly (dump Raymond) and if Schenn then no need for Allens physical presence. just my 2 cents for the off-season.

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Are the blue names the one you want the Canucks to sign? If we're lucky we'll probably get 3-5 of them. Although I hope the first things MG does is get 2 second line players, a playmaking winger and a center for while Kesler's out.

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Are the blue names the one you want the Canucks to sign? If we're lucky we'll probably get 3-5 of them. Although I hope the first things MG does is get 2 second line players, a playmaking winger and a center for while Kesler's out.

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