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[Proposal] Vancouver + San Jose

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San Jose

Roberto Luongo

Keith Ballard

Mason Raymond

(12 million cap)


Dan Boyle

Martin Havlat


Booth Kesler Havlat

Edler Boyle

- Vancouver gets a right handed offensive d-man to partner with Edler. The guy has put up at least 40 points from the back year every year since 2001-2002 (or at least been on pace if he played 82 games).

- Martin Havlat only played 39 games this year, and has a reputation as being injury prone. But the 3 seasons leading up to that remained healthy. Definitely a high end play making winger that the 2nd line misses.

- Sharks no longer have to rely on Anti Niemi and get high end goaltending

- Sounds cheesy, but Ballard and Raymond would actually fit well on the San Jose roster

Clowe Couture Raymond

Vlasic Burns

Ballard Demers

Murray Braun

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But what are we getting? A 45 year old defenseman and Havlat who gets injured more often than Salo? You guys would be stupid to add to this proposal when we are already giving them a legit goalie. Boyle will soon retire and Havlat would probably be injured all year.

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I really like it but I don't think SJS does.

I don't think they have interest in Ballard. I don't know this but I can't see them offering up anything big for a 4.2 million dollar mistake prone bottom pairing guy. Whether that is a valid description of Ballard or not is debateable but that is what Van has advertised him as.

They might like Raymond but I can't see him having Havlat like value.

I see the deal looking more like this:

Dan Boyle

2nd round pick


Roberto Luongo

Mason Raymond

3rd round pick

I just don't think Havlat is attainable with what we are willing to offer up although he would be a great addition to this team.

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While I see the attraction, there's a few points not working in favour of a deal with San Jose.

First, Gillis wants to get younger and bringing in a 35 yr old D-man on a $6.7M cap hit for the next two years doesn't do that. He's worth the money, but if we go after a D-man worth that much, he better be a #1 and Norris candidate. Havlat is 31 and gets $5M for 3 more years, still a good player, but adding to our cap with older players isn't in the cards.

Second, San Jose already has 3 goalies, and they're likely to let Niittymaki walk as a UFA since they don't have room for him with Niemi and Greiss playing decently. Goaltending isn't really a concern of San Jose's so I don't see them moving big pieces for one.

The value isn't too far off, even with the age of the players from San Jose, but we do underpay by giving them two extra players they probably aren't that interested in on top of a goalie they don't need.

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