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Does Booth Want Out Already?


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with all this negative backlash that's going David Booth's way after posting first a picture of him with the bear he hunted and then the video, i gotta start to think, is he doing all this on purpose just to get the people so riled up that they demand he get traded? and not to mention his twitter quotes after the canucks were emilinated from the playoffs, something along the lines of it's easy to be on the outside making judgements but you'll never know what it's like till you do it yourself, kind of a dig at the fans no?

anyways, just a different perspective on it all, and i'm bored...and anotger thing, he posted a picture on his twitter today of him and his dog with the caption "Hell yes i love my dog", seems a little odd coming from a man of faith haha...man oh man am i ever bored

LOL, all the facepalms, awesome...anyways, what i was getting at is ever since MG became the GM he's preached that he only wants character guys and doesn't want any unneccessary controversies with this team.

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