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What Was Your High School "role"


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You know what I mean, what type of person were/are you?

I'm in high school now (about to finish 9th grade), and I was asked to describe my "role" as a student, for planning class, in the social hierarchy/structure (depending on your philosophy), based off the movie archetypes and branching from those.

I decided I wasn't a stereotypical jock, even though I am good at almost every sport, or a nerd either, even though I spend lots of time on the internet.

I couldn't put myself in any category for the life of me, and I was wondering if CDC knew what category they were.

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You sound a lot like me :lol:

In grade 9 and 10 I was too busy having fun to try to get great marks (still got solid marks), but when I tried I got sweet marks. I never participated in school sports, but it was not due to a lack of talent.

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Drummer for a band full of well-liked stoner guys. I was the intellectual member I guess? The guy always willing to play a game of euchre on spare with anyone. The guy who bagged a stunner out of his league who he then married? I was a known for being a little too cocky at times i guess.

I enjoyed high school.

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