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[Proposal] 2012 Vancouver Roster

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1st trade has been talked about by many here and elsewhere, Tampa gets its goalie and Vancouver gets a solid prospect winger and a late first round to early 2nd round pick.

To Tampa

Cory Schnieder RFA

To Vancouver

Brett Connolly and one of either Detroits 1st or Tampa's 2nd round pick in 2012

2nd trade gives Kesler's line a legitimate playmaker on a decent contract with lots of playoff experience and allows Calgary to add more prospects while cutting salary.

Trade Ballard and Raymond to whatever teams will give the most picks/prospects.

To Vancouver

Alex Tanguay

Christopher Breen (6-7, 224 lbs dman)

To Calgary

Jannik Hansen

Vancouver 1st round pick 2012

Anton Rodin

Sign UFA's

Jason Garrison 4 years at 3,750,000 per season

Brandon Prust 2 years at 1,000,000

Resign RFA's

Eddie lack 2 years at 1,000,000

Sami Salo 1 year at 2,500,000

Mike Duco 2 years at 600,000

Marc-Andre Gragnani at 2 years 650,000

Sedin Sedin Connolly

Tanguay Kesler Booth

Higgins Lapierre Burrows

Prust Malhotra Kassian


Hamhuis Bieksa

Edler Garrison

Salo Tanev

Alberts Marc-Andre Gragnani



1,300,000 cap space remaining if cap remains at 64,000,000 according to capgeek.

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As a Lightning fan, I'd do that deal in a second! Earlier in the day I proposed Brett Connolly and the 10th overall pick for Schneider and I'd do that deal too.

Honestly though, Connolly is even more raw than Kassian at this point. He showed flashes of brilliance down the stretch with the Bolts but for the majority of the season he was getting less than 10 minutes a game. You could tell that he was afraid to make mistakes under Guy Boucher; I fear that same thing would happen under AV.

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If Mike Gillis is willing to do the deal for Connolly and a 2nd, I would be amazingly shocked (but the Lightning fan inside me would smile from ear to ear). I don't think that he's overhyped for one second. Sure, he hasn't played a lot but everyone starts somewhere and what people around the league have seen from him is all positive. He doesn't instill fear in fans, teammates or anyone else when he has to make a save. He's calm, cool and collected -- not to use a cliche or anything -- and that bodes well for him moving forward.

Praise Jonathan Quick all you want, but without the Los Angeles Kings' defense to clear away the massive rebounds he gives up and his stat sheet could look a whole lot different. Put Schneider on any one of the thirty teams around the league and I have a firm belief that his stat line wouldn't change much.

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If connolly is able to play on the top line consistently, I would want to keep Hansen and our first and have burrows play with kes.

Also if we're only getting the late pick I'm not coughing up Schneider.. If its the 10th pick maybe but I'd still rather keep him. despite all the people claiming he's unproven, it's pretty damn obvious this kids got star written all over him.

@the lightning fan.. What are your thoughts on Lu for Connolly and the high first or second? Give or take a few pieces on either side.. I hear alot of mixed reviews from different analysts but just curious what a fan from the other side would trade for him. I just don't see gillis giving up Schneider at this point

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