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(Proposal) Canucks' Pack Mentality (Size, Grit, Talent & Depth)

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Hi. This is a long read, but I feel you may come to my side a little after reading this one.

- In this proposal, I am looking to add size, muscle, a top-12 and a team toughness rather than separate lines for specific jobs, like an energy line, which every line has in this proposal, or a checking line, which every line has in here as well

- I got the pack mentality idea after watching an event where Corey Perry hit Halak or Elliot (can't remember) and a little later in the game, Perry tried causing more trouble, but the Blues had about 3 or 4 guys pushing him around, which led to Perry not being a sh!t disturber any more lol

- There are 2 trades & 5 FA signings (excluding Justin Schultz). And remember, Gillis signed 6 FA's in the 2010 offseason (Hamhuis, Malhotra, Torres, Tambellini, Perrault & Tanev)

- At the end, you may ask yourself; "Where is the toughness?" Each line has a tougher kind of guy (NOT A GOOD, but a guy who can/will drop the gloves), a guy who can protect his team and has a history of fighting other tougher guys.

- This lineup is meant to have a ton of depth up front and at the blue line. So you can laugh all you want at the lines I post, but take into consideration that lines can be juggled, and injuries will happen as well

- This only works if the cap goes up to $68.1+ million



To TBL: Roberto Luongo, Chris Tanev, Keith Ballard, Manny Malhotra & VAN 1st (26th)

To VAN: Ryan Malone, Brett Connolly & TBL 1st (10th)

Luongo & Malhotra for Malone + TBL 1st

Ballard, Tanev & VAN 1st for Connolly ----- (judging the exact value is difficult by the way)

- Tampa gets a defender who knows the Southeast quite well and would help move the puck and help their power play PLUS his always calm defense partner.

- Malhotra has a limited NTC, so I have a feeling that there is a way to unload him to a team who needs a good center and penalty killer.

- The Lightning get their franchise goalie though. Luongo will go home and lead his team to glory for amother 5-7 years.

- Ryan Malone is a salary dump on Tampa Bay's part, but Malone who loves to hit, protect the puck and is a net presence would be lethal with the Sedins. He also has shown quite a bit of vision since the Olympics. I am not calling him a playmaker, but he may be able to help the 2nd line as well with some passing.

- Connolly can be developed a little more or played as another "half" playmaking winger (4g 11a on the 3rd & 4th lines, so he needs to play top line and power play time so he would become lethal. He is a power play sniper (15 goals on the PP last season). He is also C/RW who would be good to use while Kesler is out.

- Vancouver also trades up in the draft, and with the #10 pick they should draft Griffin Reinhart (or Mathew Dumba is still available).


To NSH: Mason Raymond (RFA), Andrew Alberts, Jordan Schroeder & Marc-André Gragnani (RFA)

To VAN: Nick Spaling, Austin Watson & Charles-Olivier Roussel

Raymond & Alberts for Spaling

Schroeder for Watson

Gragnani for Roussel

- Nashville gets a defensive winger and a depth defender, since they have a lot of centers right now and that they may lose one of Suter or Weber, so stocking up on NHL level defensemen is a must for them.

- Schroeder is more ready for the NHL than Watson, so Nashville will probably like to have some guys ready and waiting in the wings.

- Nashville gets the best AHL defenseman from last year. A guy who is more offensive and is bigger than Boullion in Gragnani. If MAG is paired with a sturdy shutdown guy, watch out for his vision. Canucks get back Roussel who still needs more time in the AHL.

- Spaling is a LW/C and is usually on the 3rd and 4th lines in Nashville. But if we convert him into a 12th/13th forward giving him around ~55 games this season, our lineup gets a lot more skilled and more rounded in the bottom-6.


LET WALK: Pahlsson, Rome, Bitz, Parent, Mancari & Oreskovich



Cory Schneider: 4 years @ $13 million. $3.250 cap hit (Expires at age 31) - 6'2, 195

Salary per year:

1st year: $3.5 million

2nd year: $3.2 million

3rd year: $3.2 million

4th year: $3.1 million

He looks like he'll most likely be our starting goaltender for this season. Will he be able to handle 55+ games. The other possibility is signing a backup like Sanford, Biron or Brent Johnson might help out Schneider in the long run is Lack is not ready.

Sami Salo: 1 year @ $2 million. (Expires at age 38) - 6'3, 212

Sami is getting older now, and I personally think at his age, limiting his games to about 57-67 games this season will help the Canucks for a deep playoff run. He is our smartest defender and he needs to stay healthy

Eddie Lack: 2 years @ $1.8 million [Two-way]. $0.900 cap hit (Expires at age 26) - 6'4, 187

Salary per year:

1st year: $800,000

2nd year: $1 million

If he is not ready, another year in Chicago will do him more than good. He will be developed like Schneider was, and will become either a good trading asset or our starting goalie in the near future.

Dale Weise: 1 year @ $750,000 (Expires at age 24) - 6'2, 210

Dale did a good job for us last year. Only 7 points in limited 4th line minutes, but he stood up for his team mates and hit a lot, which is what we want him to do. A slight raise for about 50 games this season would be wonderful.



Jarret Stoll: 5 years @ $16.5 million. $3.300 cap hit (Expires at age 34) - 6'1, 213

Salary per year:

1st year: $4.25 million

2nd year: $3.75 million

3rd year: $3.3 million

4th year: $3 million

5th year: $2.2 million

He is a good faceoff guy (55.7%~), and plays both the penalty kill and power play. He is a good shot blocker and can play against top lines effectively. He works hard in the corners like a winger and wins a lot of puck battles. He has also played 2nd line minutes in the past, so he can be another top-6 option.

Dustin Penner: 5 years @ $16 million. $3.200 cap hit (Expires at age 34) - 6'4, 242

Salary per year:

1st year: $4.25 million

2nd year: $3.5 million

3rd year: $3.5 million

4th year: $3.25 million

5th year: $1.5 million

He is a big body at 6'4 242. An okay penalty killer and better defensively because he played a lot of 3rd line last season. A great net presence on the power play. He averages about ~125 hits per 82 games (should have more with his size), and would help the Sedin line. He has some chemisty with Stoll on the 3rd line as well. Would make a good 1st & 3rd liner here. If he keeps his feet moving, he should be back to his 55-60 point power-forward self. Will fight the odd tougher guy as well (fought Rinaldo, Bieksa, Phaneuf & Landon Wilson)

Jason Garrison: 3 years @ $9.5 million. $3.166 cap hit (Expires at age 30) - 6'2, 218

Salary per year:

1st year: $3.25 million

2nd year: $3.25 million

3rd year: $3 million

He is a B.C. boy who is 6'2 218. A power play point man who is also a rock defensively. He is due for a raise, but I feel a Hamhuis type thing might happen and he'll really want to play in Vancouver. Has a BOMB of a slapshot. He can also play both sides well which makes him even more valuable.

Bryan Allen: 3 years @ $10.05 million. $3.350 cap hit (Expires at age 34) - 6'5, 226

Salary per year:

1st year: $3.6 million

2nd year: $3.45 million

3rd year: $3 million

Bring Allen back please! 6'5 226 guy who can play on any defense pairing. A rock defensively with little to some offensive capability. He can play both sides well which makes him even more valuable. Will fight to protect his team as well (fought Asham, S. Thornton, Eager, Boll & Brouwer)

Justin Schultz: 2 years @ $1.85 million. $0.925 cap hit (Expires at age 23) - 6'1, 185

Justin is touted as the best free agent not playing in the NHL. He will be sought after by many teams. Being from Kelowna though, I have a strong feeling he'll pick to play here. He has a very good wrist shot, a mammoth on the power play and is a lot better defensively than before according to Mike Eaves.

Stu Bickel: 2 years @ $1.75 million. $0.875 cap hit (Expires at age 27) - 6'4, 207

Salary per year:

1st year: $850,000

2nd year: $900,000

Bickel is BIG at 6'4 207 and fearless! Averages 170 PIMS per 82 games (fought Sestito, Tangradi, Moen, Glass & McLeod). He isn't an offensive defender by any means, but he is a rock defensively and will hit like a machine.


ROSTER: Go ahead and laugh, but you know you'd like to see something like this next year lol


Daniel Sedin - Henrik Sedin - Dustin Penner

Ryan Malone - Brett Connolly - Alexander Burrows

Chris Higgins - Jarret Stoll - David Booth

Nick Spaling - Maxim Lapierre - Jannik Hansen

Dale Weise


Daniel Sedin - Henrik Sedin - Ryan Malone

David Booth - Ryan Kesler - Brett Connolly

Chris Higgins - Jarret Stoll - Alexander Burrows

Dustin Penner - Maxim Lapierre - Jannik Hansen

Nick Spaling - Dale Weise

Dan Hamhuis - Kevin Bieksa

Alexander Edler - Jason Garrison

Bryan Allen - Justin Schultz

Stu Bickel - Sami Salo

Cory Schneider - Eddie Lack / Backup



1st line; Sedin - Sedin - Burrows/Penner/Malone:

You always know what you're getting with Henrik & Daniel. If they had a guy like Penner or Malone on their line who can create space and are strong on the puck, the line would immediately excel. Sedins won't be gooned or pushed around as much with either Malone or Penner on their line either.

2nd line; Booth/Malone - Kesler - Connolly:

Kesler and Booth are both shoot first players. It has been stated that Connolly is a pass first winger who can also shoot amazingly as well. Connolly is a power play machine who can rip the puck with a hard wrist shot. Kesler and Booth will also have to pass the puck a tiny bit more often as well, but Connolly who has great vision, hands and agility can help set up his linemates at high speeds.

3rd line; Higgins - Stoll - Booth/PennerHansen:

Higgins and Stoll have gone up against top lines many times in the past. They both work extremely hard and can wear down their opponents in the corners and on the scoresheet. Whether its Booth for offense, Hansen as an extra checker on their line or Penner for size and strength, this line will be deadly.

4th line; Burrows - Lapierre - Spaling/Hansen:

This line is more of an energy line compared the other lines with more scoring touch than other teams' 4th lines (with the exception of maybe Boston). All three of them hit more than ~110 times per 82 games, (Lapierre over 300 hits per 82) and no matter what line they are sent out against, they can either shut them down or have a decent scoring chance.

Scratches; Spaling - Weise:

They are scratches when the whole team is healthy, but there will always be at least one injury. Maintenance days will also be handed to some players to keep them rested towards the playoffs. Weise can be inserted for anyone in the lineup, espacially against more physical opponents. Spaling will get at least 55 games this season. With Malone injury prone, other injuries to players and maintenance days as well, he is sure to get quite a bit of playing time.

1st D-pairing; Hamhuis - Bieksa:

You know what you're getting with these two. They were one of the top pairings in the 2010-2011 season when they were both healthy. Bieksa is more offensive minded while Hamhuis is one the league's best in his own zone.

2nd D-pairing; Edler - Garrison/Schultz/Salo:

Edler has shown he is a good defender with both an offensive defenseman or a defensive defenseman. I'm sure we would all be more comefortable having him play with someone who is more defensive though. Garrison can play great in his own zone but also can play the point on the power play quite well. If Edler and Schultz are paired together, it would probably be similar to when Edler and Ehrhoff were a pairing.

3rd D-pairing; Allen - Schultz/Garrison

Allen is a mean defender, which is what the Canucks need. If he were paired with Garrison, that would be a tough pairing to get by. If Schultz were paired with Allen, Allen would have to be a little more defensively sound, but he is a veteran who has done it before when paired with Ballard, Jovanovski or McBain in his career.

Scratches; Bickel - Salo:

Bickel is a depth defender in New York right now, but has played a bigger role since Sauer went down. New York has McIlrath up and coming, so Bickel may have to be let go. If he is, he would be due for a nice raise for is great defensive play and sticking up for his team mates. He would probably get about 45-50 games like last year due to injuries and possibility of Schultz going to the AHL. Salo will be the same thing. Play about 60 games this season because there will be injuries, but he will be fresh for the playoffs.




Sedin Sedin Penner

Kesler Garrison


Malone Connolly Booth

Edler Schultz


Higgins Stoll Burrows

Bieksa Hamhuis

5 on 3:


Sedin Sedin Malone

Schultz Kesler


Penner Connolly Booth

Edler Garrison




Kesler Burrows

Hamhuis Allen


Stoll Hansen

Edler Bieksa


Lapierre Higgins

Garrison Schultz

3 on 5:



Hamhuis Edler


Lapierre Hansen



Malone H. Sedin Booth Penner

----- D. Sedin ------ Kesler -----


END NOTES: I hope you read this and like this even a little bit.

- This lineup would help our top 2 lines and top D-pairing to give them a little bit of rest every game

- The lines aren't set lines, line juggling would happen because each line combination brings something different

- The defense gives Salo a well deserved rest throughout the season, while Schultz can excel in his place

- Connolly is valuable because of him being a center/right winger with vision. Perfect for Kesler & Booth

- Bickel & Salo are upgrades on Rome & Alberts for depth defenders as is Spaling and Weise over Ebbett & Bitz

- Malone, Penner, Lapierre, Allen, Garrison, Bieksa, Bickel, Weise, Burrows & Kesler can all fight occasionally

- I'm sure the Sedins would love to have a guy who not only gets open, but can also create space for them

- We also gain a little bit of prospect depth for helping out the Predators' depth for their big club

- Having a top-12 & top-6 automatically puts fear in the opponents. They'll play tentative not to make a mistake

- Who wants depth? I do. lol

I hope you took the time to read this and like this proposal. It looks similar to the Flyers' roster where they had a top-12 and top-6, or the 2009 Stanley Cup winning Penguins.

Anyways, I really hope MG can put something together like this. We shall wait and see.

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By the way, here are a few alternate lineups:

Sedin Sedin Connolly

Higgins Kesler Burrows

Malone Stoll Booth

Penner Lapierre Hansen

Hamhuis Garrison

Edler Salo

Allen Bieksa


Sedin Sedin Kesler

Booth Connolly Higgins

Burrows Stoll Hansen

Malone Lapierre Penner

Hamhuis Allen

Edler Bieksa

Garrison Schultz


Sedin Sedin Hansen

Penner Connolly Burrows

Malone Stoll Spaling

Higgins Lapierre Booth

Hamhuis Bieksa

Edler Allen

Bickel Schultz


Sedin Sedin Burrows

Higgins Connolly Penner

Booth Stoll Hansen

Spaling Lapierre Weise

Hamhuis Schultz

Edler Bieksa

Garrison Salo

Food for thought that my proposal isn't using specific lines, rather using a mix to show how much depth we actually have.

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Not too pumped on signing Penner and I think the Tampa trade is a bit of an overpayment on our part. I'd also rather keep tanev, his composure at this age is beyond exceeding expectations and I'd rather have him on this team than Shultz.

I'll give you this, of all the rediculous overhauls you've posted, this one is by far the best.. I still think it may be a bit too much of an overhaul but at least you left out the double tampa weber trades because they will never happen.

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Not too pumped on signing Penner and I think the Tampa trade is a bit of an overpayment on our part. I'd also rather keep tanev, his composure at this age is beyond exceeding expectations and I'd rather have him on this team than Shultz.

I'll give you this, of all the rediculous overhauls you've posted, this one is by far the best.. I still think it may be a bit too much of an overhaul but at least you left out the double tampa weber trades because they will never happen.

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Yeah, I was watching America's Got Talent the other night, and there are more than a few people who think they have creativity. Perhaps they do, but it's not all good creativity.

You said yourself on the Tampa deal the value is hard to gauge, and that's because you're trading a bunch of players for some other players. A couple of players either way is not so bad, but 6 and 2 1st round picks really starts to muddy the waters. We overpay btw.

I don't know that the Nashville deal helps us much if at all, and once again your proposal ends with us signing a bunch of big name free agents. They aren't the top names out there for this summer, but you aren't exactly scraping the bottom of the barrel there either with the 6 UFAs you're saying will sign here.

Less creativity, more realism.

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Ahh, the old "if you can't beat them, sign all of their players" trick..

I don't think so. Also, even if we have Schultz all but signed on June 1st, we still shouldn't trade Tanev, he is an integral part of our defensive core and will be a top 4 shutdown defenseman for our team for a long time. We would also have our right side d-men for the future all ready.

(Post Hamhuis-Bieksa):

Edler - Schultz

Reinhart - Tanev

Connauton - Corrado


Not counting trades and free agent signings, also counting us trading Luongo to TB for the 10th pick.

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Play the piano, then all your fingers will be strained.

Anyways, I hope you guys have been watching Penner closely tonight. Here are some things I spotted:

- His size: He is using it more to hit, protect the puck and go to the net

- His vision: He made a few tough passes, and a few drop passes out of trouble to get through the neutral zone

- His defense: He has been good in his own zone by blocking the shot path and angling the Coyotes into the corners

- If he keeps skating hard (which he has done mostly tonight) he would be very effective with the Sedins

- He has played better in the 3rd line role than before, though he is meant for scoring roles

- If he uses his size to protect his teammates, he's a decent fighter (fought Bieksa, Phaneuf, Rinaldo & Landon Wilson)

Dustin Penner will be an effective player for us I feel. His motivation is still a question mark for me, because everyone says he is lazy, but I think rather he was "uncomfortable" in a new defensive role where his point total dropped, rather than lazy.

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