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Looking Back 2011-2012

The Great Dane

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After a disappointing end to another great season, I'd like to get a feel for everybody's favourite moment of the season. It could be a goal, hit, save, game, celebration or whatever. I just thought that we should celebrate another great regular season. Ill start it off with my top 3

P.S if this exists just delete. I couldn't find one.

3- I don't know if this one counts but it was march against the blues at home and we won 2-0. This was when st Louis was 3 or 4 points ahead and we really needed that win to keep up for the presidents trophy

2- daniel sedins 15.3 second goal in Detroit which helped break their streak

1- this ones obvious but the 4-3 win in Boston. Specifically, Hodgsons bar down shot which ended up winning it

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Beating Boston.

Though the game was great, you just wish so bad that it should have been the game we had in the Van/Boston finals previously. It had it all. Even an epic CoHo Goal.

If we had won the cup, this goal probably would have been the goal that would have kept Cody here in Van. Hero factor 10.

Aside from that game,

Every game against the Red Wings was an incredible display of skill from both sides.

It was like a taste of a better brand of hockey. Like if the league pushed the game more towards skill instead of brute, this would be the kind of hockey we'd be enjoying. Players like the Datsyks Zetterbergs and Sedins would dominate.

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It's hard to pick my top 3, some of my favourites were beating Toronto in Toronto, beating Chicago in OT, Bieksa's play vs Colorado, and the best one being snapping the Red Wings' streak.

I'm probably forgetting some other great moments too.

And I didn't include the Boston game because at the time, we were unsure if Salo would ever play again, which made it more of a scare than a great win.

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- I enjoyed the HEART OF A CANUCK all season long (especially Linden's :) )

- The little video/story of Manny where he went to work at sportcheck for a day was pretty cool.

- Boston win. Definitely nice to get that after the cheapshot the Rat did to Salo

- Presidents Trophy was a nice addition to our collection

- The team pushes back after Sedin elbow

- Sedin comes back and we win in game 4. We had hope (although little) to come back.

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There were lots of big emotional wins against top opponents this season, as people have pointed out. And we won the President's Trophy. Lots of people dismiss that and say the cup is the only thing that matters but it's not true. Playoff hockey is way overrated. For all the intensity, it doesn't exactly favour skill or legality and is frequently pretty ugly to watch, particularly this year. So the thing I take away from this season is that we were the best and most consistent team during the part of the year when most of the rules were still in effect most of the time. That is a big accomplishment, and something that we should value this team for, despite its shortcomings.

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