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(Value Of) Cory Schneider

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if gillis decides to keep luo and trade schneids how much would we be getting back?

there are a few teams that need goalies and gillis might trade him to. these are tampa bay, new jersey devils(if brodeur retires), Columbus, toronto and maybe chicago(i dont think he would trade schneids to them but whatever)

so with those teams in mind what might we get in return?

my ideas

tampa bay: hedman

or connolly and a 1st

njd: larsson

columbus: package for nash or 1st rounder

toronto: schenn, 2nd or a package for there 1st

chicago: package for kane or sharp

any ideas on what we can get from those teams?

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To be honest, we don't really know his value. I mean, to every Canucks fan he is worth his weight in platinum. It's a really tricky situation because we can't really compare this to any trade the Canucks have made recently.

Can anyone think of a similar situation with another team? I can't. But I'm legitimately asking so let me know please.

Anyway, we can't compare this to the Hodgson trade. I mean, Schneider certainly has more value than Cody did at trade deadline. Plus, he's a goaltender. Finding a good goaltender like Cory is much more rare than finding a center like Cody (no disrespect. I'm not saying he isn't good).

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