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Realistic Trade For Luongo

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Of all the wishful thinking, bogus ideas and proposals with out actual cap facts or consideration I thought I would post a viable trade that might just work for both sides both financially and for each teams dynamic moving forward.

I propose; Luongo for Matin St. Louis straight accross.

Luongo cap hit is 5.3 million

St Louis cap hit is 5.6 million

Heres why,

We all know that Luongo's family resides in Florida so thats factor number one.

Looking at Tampas cap situation was really interesting.

Factor two,They have almost 26 million tied up in their top four forwards all with long term contracts. They desperately need to move one of those.

Factor three is goaltending for Tampa. They have three low tier goalies two of which are in contract years, the third is a questionable unproven back up. Its clear that Tampa Bay's glaring hole is in goaltending. GM Steve Y is deifinately nervouse at this point.....Locking up an elite CANADIAN goalie like Lungo long term would be just fine with him.

ST Louis is 35 years old but lets just look at his numbers for the last three years..

2009-2010 Tampa Bay Lightning NHL 82 29 65 94 12 | 2010-2011 Tampa Bay Lightning NHL 82 31 68 99 12 | Playoffs 18 10 10 20 4 2011-2012 Tampa Bay Lightning NHL 77 25 49 74 16 |

so from 32 to 35 hes put up 267 points..... Lets compare this with...


2009-2010 Vancouver Canucks NHL 82 25 50 75 104 | Playoffs 12 1 9 10 4 USA OG OG 6 2 0 2 2 | 2010-2011 Vancouver Canucks NHL 82 41 32 73 66 | Playoffs 25 7 12 19 47 2011-2012 Vancouver Canucks NHL 77 22 27 49 56 | Playoffs 5 0 3 3 6

from 23 to 26 Kes put up 197 points.....

Ill take this trade all day long.....can you imagine adding St louis to second line with Booth and Kesler?

I think our scoring woes would be significantly less severe at this point with both sides addressing serious needs.

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Haha, Tampa laughs at you. Luongo is declining, and probably has the worst contract in the nhl. St. Louis is worth more to the Lightning then the Sedins are to Vancouver. Try Schneider + Burrows, and maybe they won't laugh as much.

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LOL Tampa wouldn't take overpaid trash like Luongo for St Louis, the most you'd get for Luongo is Komisarek, No team will give up anything of value for Luongo. Schneider is more likely to be traded, you are stuck with this bum for 10 more years ::D

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Yeah, he WAS a vezina finalist, just face it, he just sucks now, and will never return to the form he was years ago. Vinny's Contract is actually better, as he's averaged 80 points per season since the lockout, and will still be useful in the

last years of his contract. Luongo will be a 5.33 mill backup

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