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[Report] Bryan Allen Will Test Free Agency

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Allen is exactly what this team needs - a big, physical shutdown defenceman with experience who is a calming influence on the blueline for younger players. I still think if we had picked him up at the deadline and maybe another depth forward/defenceman, we would have ousted the Kings.

Our "mobile" bullcrap excuse for a defence is the biggest reason we've been ousted these last 2 playoffs, not because of lack of scoring or goaltending. It all boils down to defence. Offence starts from the back-end, your forwards can't score if you can't get the puck out of your own zone, and when they finally do have some sustained pressure it was often a stupid pinch or bad play by one of our many small, defensively-retarted defencemen like Bieksa, Ballard, Edler or Tanev that lead to odd-man rushes the other way countless times which, in the playoffs, cost us our Cup chances against Boston and L.A.

What we need that every Cup winning team over the last half a decade has had is a big, physical, mean stay-at-home-defenceman. Hamhuis is our only shutdown guy and he's tiny. Shutdown-style defences win Cups, not mobile offensive units. Just look at the Kings and Bruins' championship title defences. They each had 2 offensive defencemen and 4 shutdown, big, physical towers (Chara + Kaberle/Doughty + Voynov as the only puck movers). Then look at the Canucks' pathetic excuse for a defence - our only shutdown defenceman is Hamhuis, Edler is our only really big defenceman who gets icetime (Alberts is for some reason in the press-box when we need his size in the playoffs) and the rest are tiny, risky offensive guys who are not Cup-winning-material.

This is what a playoff-ready defence looks like:

Edler - Allen

Hamhuis - Bieksa

Alberts - Rome


Suddenly, we have 2 offensive defencemen in Edler and Bieksa and 4 solid, physical players. I know I've criticized Rome and Alberts in the past, but they're our 2 most physical defencemen and if they play simple defence as opposed to risking offensive opportunities, we will win a Cup with them. Of course it all starts with coaching and our defensive coaching mentality of "risky pinches" and "jumping up in the rush" has to change.

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When he played for the Canucks, people were calling him a bust and wanted him shipped out.

Sure he has improved since then, but he's not what we need; you guys are overrating him WAY too much.

I guess it goes with the Free Agency Fever where various members on CDC believe every free agent should be signed :rolleyes:

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If the nucks can improve the team enough through free agency, without making a trade then great...

Is Bryan Allen that missing piece.... No.

Would he be a good fit... Yes. But not at the price of losing out on a significant impact player - cause we have used up too much cap space with him.. we could live without him easily...

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Here is the problem with your plan, you've got a 3rd pairing guy who can barely skate playing on the top pairing playing with Edler. Bryan Allen is a good defenseman, but not a top 4 defenseman on a good team. He was barely even a top four defenseman on the Carolina Hurricanes - 6th among d-men in average ice time. On the Carolina Hurricanes.

Your suggestion that we were a Bryan Allen away from beating the Kings is even more ludicrous.

Finally, we don't really have a defense full of great puck movers. They're all two-way guys, and everybody can make a decent first pass (not something I want to change) but nobody I'd call a legit puck-mover since Ehrhoff left. That's what we need to replace - Ehrhoff's ability to skate the puck out of the zone and his ability to get shots on net.

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I wouldn't call Ference a physical monster. He's a mobile, undersized but effective defensive d-man who helps move the puck out.

As for Edler, despite flashes of offense and good hockey sense, there should be no doubt that he is more effective in a defensive role, especially when he gets his hitting game going, than in an offensive role. His best partner was Ehrhoff, and we don't have any d-men like that and sadly we probably aren't going to acquire one either. Don't even bring up Gragnani, he is not really an NHL defenseman.

Also I realize that EVERY YEAR people point to the most recent Cup champion and say "See? That's how it's done!!!1" until the next team comes along and wins the Cup in a slightly difference way, and then people point to them and say "See? THAT'S how it's done!"

Seidenberg is a great example of what we need. Good hockey IQ, does the little things well, strong along the boards, good stick checker, mobile, moves the puck well, has a calming influence on his teammates. I see Garrison as a similar player.

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