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He's spewing the same bs he always does, and all he had to answer about the question about not developing young players is Sedins and Kesler became better players after playing a couple seasons with him as coach...... I'm sure almost every coach can say that when their players have a breakout year.

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If he has both goalies come October the starter will be determined after training camp.

Sounds like he's gonna at least try Kes and Booth to start .

Relationship with Cody was "Real Fine" was a nice young man...

Expected Daniel to be in the lineup in game 1, so a setback.

Doctors didn't know Daniel had a concussion, thought it was a neck injury.

Wasn't prepared properly because he only knew Daniel wasn't healthy @ game 80.

Knew about Keslers shoulder injury, there was no need to take him out of the lineup. Not the reason for decreased production

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Both losses (game 7 of SCF and first round exit) were tough in different ways

Felt real good about the team heading in to the playoffs but given how well LA played, parts of the Canucks' game was lacking. Will try to learn from it

Last year's loss took a long time to get over. This year has been a bit easier

AV was in Vancouver all of last week talking with management about the future of the team. Will do what it takes to make the team better

"Our group of guys should get more credit for the regular season". Every team played their best against the Canucks this season and they still finished 1st in the league.

Was a challenge to help guys stay in the moment this year because there were so many comparisons to last year

When MG met the media AV was not ready to face them. He wanted to meet with players first and needed time before commenting on what happened.

MG met with AV the day of his press conference and then called him after meeting with management to confirm that he'd be back

2 year extension

Respects that the media has a job to do and in his years in Van he has been treated very well by media and fans. Respects that people have opinions about how he does his job

Knows how bad the people want the Cup. He wants one too.

Last 4 years the team has been dominant in many league categories but they still don't have a Cup. Certain things need to be done better. They're in the process right now to work on what things need to be better

MG likes to look at things scientifically. They're looking at every angle of how to develop players better and how to make the team better

When AV got to Van the Sedins were 3rd liners, Kesler and Burrows were young and inexperienced. They're now amongst the best players in the league. So it's not true that players are not given a chance to develop under him.

Re: Kesler's health - no reason not to play him. Surgery was necessary during the off season but wasn't necessary to hold him out during the season. He was fine. Not an excuse for his diminished production. They're looking in to why his production was down. Hope he'll hit his full stride again next season.

Doesn't think the style of play in the playoffs this season is much different from last season. LA has 4 lines that can be effective in any situation. They have sizeable forwards, great D men, and solid goaltending. Thinks the Canucks are pretty close to having that.

If Luongo and Schneider are both here next season who gets the #1 job will be determined at training camp.

Booth and Kesler didn't work out the way the team had hoped but that doesn't mean they won't work in the future. Need to give it time.

Cody was "a nice young man who worked extremely hard". Everyone has moved on. Hopes Cody finds what he wants in Buffalo

Was under the assumption that Daniel would be ready for the playoffs. Assumes responsibility for not realizing the significance of the injury. At one point they didn't even think he had a concussion.

With 2 games left in the regular season they realized that it was a concussion. Team was caught off guard. Had AV been prepared he would have changed up the lines differently.

Fiddler's Bieksa impression was one of the funny points of the season. The trainers do the impression all the time.

Always tries to be open minded and learn about what makes players be the best.

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He's spewing the same bs he always does, and all he had to answer about the question about not developing young players is Sedins and Kesler became better players after playing a couple seasons with him as coach...... I'm sure almost every coach can say that when their players have a breakout year.

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So when does a coach get credit for his players having success?

It seems to me that everyone blames AV for not having young players develop under him, but when players like Kesler and the Sedins break out with him coaching it's not because of him?

He has coached the Kesler since he was 22 years old, and even before that for the Moose. He has coached the Sedins and Burrows since they were 26. He has coached Hansen and Raymond practically their whole careers.

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AV's comments elude to both goalies being evaluated during camp and then he'll decide who starts for game 1. I don't see much changing other than Luongo will be more motivated from season start. Not sure how that is a con.

Luongo only goes if he insists on being a teams' starter and isn't happy with his projected starts for this upcoming season. That course of action is kindof a contrast with the new 'teammate' version of Luongo that we've seen as of late.

We're overrating the possibility of either he or Schneider moving on, imo. It can happen, sure, but a lot of things need to take place first. Like motivation by all parties involved.

Come back to me when the talk isn't 100% TO-centric. That off-season rumour mill is a waste of time. Cheers.


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But none of those are "rookies" you refer to. 26 is already where many players are at their peak!

The core and AV have been together for 6 years and while that brings comfort, it can also be a reminder of past failures together and make it harder to find that energy to tackle the adversity of the playoffs.

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AV wants us to give the guys more credit for the regular season. Sure I give the guys props and understand every team was gunning for them but we want championships.

Did the Lakers say look at our great regular season despite Pau Gasol sucking? Look at our division title? No, they said going out early in the playoffs is unacceptable, period. This is about championships. I use Laker mentality when I watch the Canucks.

When ppl say if you don't like the Canucks watch something else, I do.. but there's a part of me that wants to see the team have a killer instinct and winning mentality. Hockey is full of lots of blindly loyal fans that enjoy little victories but unless it's the real deal of the cup then I don't care.

I also have to say the team should get better doctors. If they screwed up on Hodgson and Daniel that doesn't give me much comfort.

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I'm getting tired of this notion that young players don't flourish under AV. I think he's done a great job with Schneider and Tanev. He has a veteran laden team. What is he supposed to do? Throw players in and bench the vets?

The truth of it all is there isn't much young talent in the Canucks system. Kassian wasn't ready to play. Is he supposed to put him out there to fail and be exposed? Hodgson is a black mark I think but the coach isn't going to be perfect.

AV was a great junior coach and a good AHL coach. How is that not working with and developing players? His current team is a perennial playoff team with cup aspirations. It's not exactly the type of team that plays young guys or even has loads of high end drafted talent. And Gillis seems to like to draft small centermen who have little chance of excelling in the NHL. With the current game what is AV supposed to do with Schroeder and Friesen? Maybe Jensen will make it? He is pretty good but even then he was far from a super star in the O. Still a project. There are zero sure things currently in the Canucks system. They aren't like the Bruins who have potential super stars like Dougie Hamilton playing in the OHL.

He is a good coach. Getting a new guy guarantees nothing.

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