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[Discussion And Value Of] Jiri Hudler

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He's a name that I haven't seen on a lot of on CDC. Maybe that's because he means a lot to his team in Detroit but,

He's 5'10 and 190lbs but plays a lot bigger

Stats: 81gp, 25g, 25a 50p +/- (+10)

According to Capgeek.com he's a UFA this off-season which surprised me. What kind of money do you think it would take to get him out of Detroit?

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I don't want him. Not the player this team needs.

You'll probably have to offer him a nice juicy $5 million on the open market but Detroit will sign him for around $4 to $4.5 million, he's not leaving and doubt Detroit lets him.

For a trade you might have to offer David Booth and a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

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skill-wise he would look nice next to Kes as he can dish or score, but with this team being less purely skill-oriented than before and with more grit (evidenced by acquiring Pahlsson and Kassian to have more physical edge and defensive focus) would his style of game bring a new dynamic that makes the attack more diverse and more lethal for the playoffs (from strictly driving the net hard with Kes and Booth/ Burrows to having them work the puck more) or would he be miscast for the role (perhaps like Ovie's previous explosive offense in Dale Hunter's team defensive style this postseason?)

his 0.5 ppg in the playoffs and regular season do look promising for someone in the Top 6, though again is he physical and defensively strong enough?

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