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Laptop Wifi Help?


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To any fellow CDC members who may be more tech-savvy and knowledgeable in this stuff than me, my laptop's wi-fi has been acting up these past two days and I'm going batsh- crazy. What happens is the connection dies like every 15 mins or so, and takes like 3-5 minutes to get back on.

The thing is, I've narrowed it down to my laptop since my iPod can still connect to our wifi network at home and the other house computers seem to be working. I've also ran antivirus scans to find nothing, so I'm really at a loss for an explanation and solution here.

The only majoy change I've done recently on my laptop is download a VPN program called Tunngle to game with my friends. Everything was fine the day of the installation of that program, but i think it was like two days later, the wifi began acting up. I have no idea if it's connected, but I haven't done anything else on my laptop that I wouldn't usually do.

It's driving me nuts and I have no idea what to do. Can anyone offer some help..? Many thanks.

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ok. check your network priority. the problem here is tungle. when it's installed, it creates a network at higher priority than your wifi. Switch it around if you can. Make sure you are not connecting to that, and make sure you only have one vpn program installed in your computer.

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Here's a fun puzzle you can try to figure out.

Ever since May 13th, every night around midnight-6am the internet just goes out, the time varies, but once it's out, it's out. We recently had a Telus guy come in & replace our modem & PVR because that was acting up too. Other computers in the house were also, but their good now. Just mine isn't working. I have my own router in my room (we have 6 placed throughout the house). We tried switching the routers around to see if the one in my room was defective, but it still didn't work. I'm quite baffled because my iTouch doesn't work either when my laptop's internet stops working. Ethernet cord doesn't work either during this time nor does it work in other spots in the house.

An exclamation mark appears atop the bars when the internet is out. It says it has full bars, internet access & everything but doesn't work. I'll take a screenie tonight when it happens again & post it tomorrow so you have an idea.

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