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[Trades] Guaranteed Sc & Offensive Powerhouse - 3 Shakeup Deals

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*Reasoning for getting more juiced upfront: Something along the lines of 17 goals in last 12 playoff games is it? Says all that you need to know - offensive is a priority + All the teams winning right now are winning cause they are pouring it offensively and ones that can't are struggling badly*


To Vancouver: M. St Louis, E. Brewer

To Tampa Bay: R. Luongo, K. Ballard, VAN 2013 3rd

- We get a big time game breaker in St. Louis and arguably the best playoff performer in the NHL besides Brier. Brewer is guy we can swap with Ballard while losing cap and is a good shutdown guy and can rack up 20+ assists a year easily with our team.


To Vancouver: K. Versteeg, S. Matthias

To Florida: M. Raymond (Rights), A. Alberts, Y. Sauve, VAN 2013 2nd - Changes to VAN 2013 1st if Vancouver makes the SCF.

- As much as you may dislike Versteeg, the guy is a proven winner and is another big time game breaker and like St. Louis. especially in the playoffs. Matthias is a depth player we get who can be help out the bottom 6.


To Vancouver: N. Foligno, C. Neil, OTT 2013 2nd, Cond. OTT 2013 3rd if Booth reaches 50+ points.

To Ottawa: E. Edler, D. Booth, VAN 2013 4th

- Get arguably the beastest young big guy out there in Foligno and who can not only score but wear and tear and hit. Also, Neil is one of those pests that will put us over the top come post-season, its just how you gotta win now.

4.) Contracts:

Sign Schneider 5 years, $18.75 million; $3.75 mill per year

Sign Garrison 4 years, $15 million; $3.75 mill per year

Sign Versteeg 3 years, $11.25 million; $3.75 mill per year

Sign Folgino 3 years, $9 million; $3 mill per year

Sign Salo 1 year, $2 million

Sign Gragnani 3 years, $2.625 million; $875K per year

Sign Rome 1 year, $900K


Sedin - Sedin - Burrows


Foligno - Kesler - St. Louis

(Hitting, Play Making & Scoring)

Hansen - Matthias - Versteeg

(2nd, 2nd Line & All Speed)

Higgins - Lapierre - Neil

(Goon & Scoring)

Kassian, Malhotra

Hamhuis - Bieksa

Brewer - Garrison

Salo - Tanev

Gragnani, Rome



Cap Hit = $65. 726 Million In Cap

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So....St. Louis trade is good, and the Filigno trade is an overpayment on our side? That's all to complain about? If so, I'm happy and did good : )

Foligno is a young upcoming force and there's a price to pay when you go after these types of players. Plus, and overpayment is what it'll take to get him cause I doubt Ottawa would do it if it didn't put them over the bar. St. Louis makes us magic, simple as that, and I think the Versteeg deal is possible just because of the relationship we have with Florida.

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