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Lu's Bye Bye

Erik Karlsson

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A user named LostViking actually provided a more contextual translation in the other thread regarding these claims, where he translates the sentence "This is what he wants now" more completely - AV started that sentence with "Mais si" meaning "If this is what he wants now"....hypothetical not a "confirmation" that Luongo wants out - jumping the gun.

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Reporters or bad translator will 90 percent of the time take things out of context. What I have been hearing is AV saying Kesler wasn't playing hurt but just playing terrible in the playoffs I rather worry about that then a rumour that is getting lost in translation. I am certain enough it's not true because I don't see this team saying anything to anyone because they are a team who keeps things tight lipped. If they didn't throw Hodgson under the bus when he was here, I don't see Roberto being treated any different.

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Just a bit of calirfication here, av comments dont sound as blatant, but people seem to be ignoring the actual clip on that page of them talking to av over the phone from there studio, its not just a text translation....which I would also question if it just came from there reporters, but there is an actual video with av's actual comments in the video.

As mentioned lost viking translated av's actual comment on the show.....So this is about as much as we can confirm av said. The rest is in an article. Unless they post a full video of the interview i will disregard the rest of the article.

From the province...

Update: Because it’s google translate, people are going to wonder how accurate it is and there will be several ways people translate it on their own. According to one person on Canucks.com, LostViking, Vigneault is saying

“”Mais si ce que lui presentment desire nous ce qu’on droit faire, ce qui est mieux pour notre organization…”

Thats what I can make out of the clip, he talks fast so its tough for me. Basically, he says “but if thats whats he currently wants, then what we must do is whats best for the organization”


Also was told this is a proper translation...not done by google.


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Ah, Confucius say Gollumpus = wise man!

This hurts Gillis' position how? You mean to say that Yzerman will be shocked to find out that Luongo is on the trading block?

The biggest surprise of this off season would be that Luongo was not traded.



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