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2012 Cbc Playon


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Who is joinning this year? For the people that played in it last year, which division were you in? I am thinking of going into Contenders but might do Muckers. I dont know what kind of skill level there is in this thing. A couple of my guys played ice hockey years ago (about 5 years ago) but now nothing serious

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I played in that 2 years ago. Such a terrible tournament. My team got screwed over so badly by playing teams that were in the wrong division (we had to play elite teams) and the reffing was brutal.

By the end, I had to take my white shirt off and put it at the end of my hockey stick since I was so disgusted.

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I participated in the Winnipeg tournament a few weekends ago in the Adult - Muckers division.

I was playing with a couple friends. None of us really play ice hockey, but we thought it would be a good time in the beginner division.

Well, it was a fun experience, but there wasn't much "beginner" about it. To me, it seemed like teams who could probably compete in the Elite division chose to go down one just to have a better chance at winning.

Our team didn't play too well overall, but I was surprised how seriously some people took it.

Will be more ready for it next year.

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