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another option

van recieves, lecavalier, garon, tb 2012 1st(10th overall)=9mill


luongo, ballard,2012 1st(26th overall)=9.5mill

yzerman would be stupid not to take that deal. he doesnt have to deal with vinnys massive contract and gets a great goalie. we unload luo and ballard so we can bring in some young talent

amnesty clause on vinnys contract after we win the cup and hes off the cap

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The ONLY way we trade Kesler is if the offer is too outstanding to deny. Lecavalier and Hedman aren't that intriguing. If we get someone like Jordan Staal or Ryan Getzlaf in return, by all means, trade him. The players we will get in return for Kesler WILL NOT improve our team.

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