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If You Were Gm Of A Expansion Team

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Just curious, I want to ask a question if you were a GM of a new expansion team

So you are a GM of a new expansion team (ex Victoria Bulldogs). Your team is beyond spectacular (mostly career ahl players and some NHL players) and you have the 31st pick . My question is from the Vancouver Canucks which player or draft pick who would you choose to be the centrepiece of your new team?

Luongo- a star goalie, had great success with a struggling Florida team.

Kesler- a player with lots of heart but has injury problems.

Burrows- a great player and come up big when it matters.

Schnieder- a young goalie that is starter ready.

Hank or Daniel- both highly talented can be relied on.

or Vancouver's first rounder- Start up fresh with the first player to be drafted into the organization.

would you take somebody else?

-please no homer's (10th round pick because i don't want the Canucks to loose anyone)

** oops i forgot i personally would take Schneider a talented goalie that has probably 8-10 years of great hockey

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First of all, every player on that list would be protected by the Canucks so the expansion team wouldn't be able to pick them, and the expansion team would probably get the 1st overall pick (I believe that this usually happens) so what they want might depend on who the best player in the draft is.

Personally, I would pick Luongo because I consider him an elite goaltender in the league, and despite his age he can still play at a high level. Look at what he did for the Canucks, when he got here, we were a very average team and basically carried our team for a few seasons (seems to do better on average teams) and turned our team around. (No Luongo would probably mean that Sedins, Kesler, Burrows etc. wouldn't sign for discounts).

Luongo is a proven goalie and could be relied on for a few seasons while the team is stocking up in free agents and top prospects and could mentor the top goaltending prospect in the system.

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