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(Proposal/opinion)Kesler Vs Av

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with the recent arguments between AV and kesler mainly for AV calling him out in press conferences and keslers agent or kesler himself responding seemingly pissed off do you think there is some bad blood between the two parties. if so would it be enough for kesler to want to be traded? or am i just looking too deep into it?

if he is not happy here we can trade him this season since his NTC doesnt take effect yet

here is what i would do

to van: nash, dorsett, cbj 2nd round pick(32nd overall)

to cbj: kesler, raymond, schroeder, 2012 1st

*pretty much equal value i think

we get a big powerforward to play with the sedins and a tougher guy plus a decent pick

they get a star center, decent winger sometimes and prospect and picks


raymond+schroeder=dorsett, cbj 2nd rounder(32nd overall)

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