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Is Lu For Vinny Really That Bad.........if Its The Best Offer?



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Interesting article from hockeybuzz - http://www.hockeybuz...Sense/164/44618

If you dont wanna read the article ill sum it up:

1) Tampa is still interested in Lu but only if we take Vinny back

2) If you ignore the cap hit for a second its a good deal for both teams ( fills holes )

3) Vinny can still produce for the season and the playoffs, big body playmaker for kes and booth

4) Even though the cap would be tight we could still make it work

5) New CBA may include an out clause for over-paid contracts,

6) Cap hit will be raised by 3 - 5 mill next season

7) FInal offer - VAN: Vinny, 19th overall pick, 50th overall pick; TB: Lu, 26th overall pick, 2013 3rd round pick

My thoughts:

Vinny is a great player that can still produce both in the season and the playoffs. He would be the perfect guy to center kes and booth, not to mention that kes will be gone tilll november and id be way more comfortable with vinny on the second and schoerder on the third. Yes the contract sucks and thats the only reason i would consider not making this trade. On the other side of this argument it makes perfect sense for both teams. TB get their #1 goalie and we get a legit top 6 playmaking forward. In the end I would do his deal IF it was the only reasonable offer we got, but i would have to change the deal a little bit.

To VAN: Vinny, 10th overall pick

To TB: Lu, 26th overall pick, 2013 3rd round pick

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I'd take the deal Vinny plays hard, has some ups and downs, but overall has the skill set that we need in our top six...Imagine Booth-Vinny-Kes as a line when kes is healthy, and Booth Vinny Kassian/Higgins until Kes is back...looks like a good trade to me...that is if nothing better comes our way (and that includes a deal for Cory)

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NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Vinny is of the very few players with a contract even worse than Luongo's.

If the Canucks must take on salary from Tampa, lets take on St. Louis who is still a beast at his age or even Ohlund who doesn't have much longer in his career.

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I find it funny to see this topic started. Only because I swear, last night I dreamt that we had traded Luongo for Lecavalier. :P

I have no idea if it is a good trade or not, I'm not a hockey expert and there's people on this forum far more knowledgeable than me.

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I have my doubts, and reasons for said doubts

Vinny's points-per-game scoring rate has been decreasing for 5 seasons now, though he scored about the same (0.81 to 0.77 p.p.g) in 03-04 when they won the Cup. He's def. a high-risk, high-reward component also, since Lu's pretty accomplished and established as a #1 in the league, whereas Vinny's over-the-top, though still capable of contributing. However, if Vinny doesn't live up to his albatross whereas Lu gets it done with Stamkos, St. Louis and co. in Tampa not only would the team have traded away arguably one of its most valuable assets in Lu, but we would pick up someone who's more a liability than an asset if Vinny continues to decline (I'm thinking Gomez-McDonagh here, since goalies can play into their 40's so Lu could have at least 5 productive seasons left whereas Vinny's scoring could decrease so much that he's not fit to be on the 2nd line, but his hefty salary makes him comparable to Scott Gomez and the retired Chris Drury in terms of busts for their contracts.)

Who knows how it'll play out?

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With Kesler being a question mark again, Lecavalier actually makes a lot of sense. Lecavalier's a year younger than Luongo, and his contract ends two years earlier. I would consider a Lecavalier + 10th overall for Luongo + 26th overall.

So many reasons...,

  • Getting rid of Luongo, the team can focus on Schneider being the number one goalie and get rid of the drama

  • We gain a top six forward that we desperately need. How many goals did we score against LA again? Lecavalier still averages about 60 points a year, and I wouldn't be surprised if he could do that for another 4/5 years. (St.Louis is 37)

  • We get a much higher draft position, and a potential to draft a stud prospect that again, we also desperately need. Remember the last time we picked 10th overall?

  • At the very least, we can afford to stick Lecavalier into the minors, where as Luongo has a NMC I believe.

People on here actually think Luongo has a lot of value? His value is almost close to zero, and maybe even negative. Not many people want to take that contract on.

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