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(Proposal) Getting A Good Third Line And Other Moves

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Yeah he does so I think he could see that in Grenier, and I think as much as he likes Gardiner, to be able to get Lu and finally get his team to the playoffs (since he has said he believes that team is a playoff team) is something he would go for, plus they have other Young D-men, Franson, Schenn and even Blacker, Holzer and Percy who aren't yet with the big club.

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I agree with your description of Wheeler, but we already have that type of player on that line (Booth) and Little brings something that line doesn't have aswell as the Speed to skate along side Kesler and Booth, and the Versitility to play center when Kes is out or if we want some else in that RW spot.

And the whole point of having the Playmaker is for him to give the puck to Kes and Booth, and to setup plays for them, not for Kes to pass to him (as u eluded to him being a puckhog)

I just think we have players like Wheeler, Booth and even Kassian (even though his skills arent at the level of Wheelers yet) Little is something we don't posses, he is 24 and has already scored 30 so he still may not have hit his peak which could make this great for us and Wheeler has only had one good year, as good as it was he could pull a Mason Raymond (I doubt it though).

That's why I think Little is a better fit than Wheeler.

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This by Badass was really a pretty good defence? Several moves, but could be put together.

I like this OP's view on forwards a lot better. Also refreshing not to see Weber, Parise... I like Little, Slater, Lombardi, not so big on Glencross.

In a perfect world:

Sedins / Burrows

Kassian / Kesler / Parise

Higgins / Pahlsson / Hansen

Weise or Bitz / Lapierre / Volpatti

Out: Malhotra, Ebbett, Duco, Oreskovich, Raymond, Booth




Out: Ballard, Salo


(Insert Backup)

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Little is versatile and a good playmaker BUT my biggest gripe is what does he do when he doesn't score or go on droughts? Little is the type of player that if he's not producing he's not much help on this team. We already have the Sedin's in that role that if they aren't producing then what? And it's in this respect that I think Wheeler has an edge. He could have just had a Raymond year or a coming out. Canucks are more about flexiblit and versataility in the lineup. Would Little be any good to us on the third or fourth line when AV whichs up the lines or will Little be useful to the twins on the top line?

I get the reasoning behind WHY the Canucks should get a playmaker for Kesler the question is will it work? My concern is that Kesler likes to carry the puck through the neutral zone and fire it on net. Kesler likes to have the puck to his stick alot, he's more a puk possession player than a give and go or wait to be set-up though He has shown the ability to get into position and wait for a pass with the Sedins bu that's on the man advantage not even strength. Booth is similar in that he'll take a high number of low percentage shots and at times creates traffic in front for a scramble. My thought is just, maybe we don't need someone to make plays or keep up with Kesler, maybe we need a big forward that trails the play and crashes the net to knock in those Booth ad Kesler shoots. We've all seen that Kesler and Booth have no problem getting things on net or through traffic at times, it's gettin those juicy rebounds and loose pucks around the net.

Anyways, either player would be a great addition.

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I think him on our 2nd could really energize the entire line, and if they could find chemistry (which I definetly think is very very possible) then they could all play to there peak and offer our team a huge 2 line offensive punch, that we lacked at times this season.

And the Sedins are those playmakers but there on the 1st and we still need someone from the 2nd, and he may not be a defensive forward but I disagree, I think he is sound defensively and also is a really hard worker, he may need to be more consistent throughout all areas of his game but he isn't a player like Higgins or Raymond that is a 2nd/3rd liner Little is a top 6 forward, I don't see him sliding to the our 4th at any point, maybe 3rd with real struggles but I don't think 4th.

And as for your other part, I agree that Kes is more of a player who gets it and Shoots, and Booth is a typical Powerforward who takes it wide and drives hard to the net, but I think the that Little could help on the Line is terms of making something off the rush, or when breakout through the neutral zone, whether it's making a nice pass to send Booth away down the wing or hitting the trailing Kesler with a nice pass for a wrister he can contribute in alot of ways aswell he possesses a really good wrister and can snipe just as well as anyone on our team.

I think that Little on that line could help complete the line more so than Wheeler because I think Wheeler would just make the line play more of the way they did this season where as Little could influence the line and maybe change it a bit at times.

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Before continue with my points, you should watch the 9:01 video called "David Booth Highlights" on youtube and keep an eye on two things 1. how many times does he score with a wrist shot from the circles or slot and 2. how often he is in front of the net and scores vs how often Horton is in front of the net and Booth scores.

I don't feel Booth is a real power forward. I find him to be more of a pseudo-power forward and is his best when he's on a true power forward who can take defenders to the net and be a net front presence. Booth is capable and good at doing these two things himself, he's just better when he doesn't always have to do this. I also think having a playmaker is an asset for him too but I don't think he needs it.

And I feel the same way about Kesler, I think he is also a Pseudo-power forward like Booth but he leans more on his defensive game. Again someone who can be a net front presence and drive the net etc but he also has a very good wrister and a hard shoot.

But then Kesler and Booth have had success using different types of linemates. When Booth had his 31 goal season he played with Weiss (playmaker) and Horton (powerforward) and Kesler scored 40 goals primarily on the power play with Henrik (playmaker) and Daniel(sniper). The common item between the two's success is a playmaker and even when Kesler tallied 50 assists he was playing with Demitra (playmaker) and Sundin (power forward). In theory with all the linemates kesler has had success with he hould be able to play with any type of player but we've seen in the last 2 years that isn't the case.

Now getting to my point, Little would help the 2nd line as a strict playmaker making Kesler and Booth better. I think having Wheeler, a playmaking powerforward would be MORE beneficial to both Kesler and Booth. Wheeler could hit kesler in stride and make plays in the zone to Kes like Hank, Demitra and Little do but he can also drive the net and be that net presence when Booth isn't like Horton does.

But then again, for all we know Jensen or Kassian could be our Wheeler, so maybe don't need to make a trade at all. Lol.

That's so long winded. Sorry.

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Don't worry about it mine have been pretty long aswell. :lol:

And Jensen or Kassian could be in that spot but im sure we would all rather have Wheeler or Little for this season. :P

Anyways you made good points about how a playmaker could be beneficial to both Kes and Booth, which also I think reinforces my reasons why Little is a good player for that line, but also he possesses the ability to be a sniper aswell with a sick wrister.

I'm watching some Highlights of Little and Wheeler and I must say Wheeler is a good playmaker/powerforward, but I think that is something that we may already have in Booth, he isn't as much of a playmaker as Wheeler but other than that possesses a similar skillset.

I just watched that highlight pack on Booth u were talking about and I've noticed that he has a very good shot first off but also that off the rush there were times when he would be in the middle as the guy high the he would get a pass and score, this year it seemed to me when that line was on a rush Kesler would always shoot himself and not feed Booth and that when Booth had the puck he would always be on the wing and drive wide, so maybe if we got Little he would pass to Booth on the rush (like I eluded to earlier) and set him up and he would score like he did in this video.

As for a comparison for Little and Wheeler, then reason I think we should take Little instead on Wheeler is because I think the playmaker is needed for making players off the rush, and while Wheeler can do that I think that Little possesses a better skillset for it with his Speed, Skill, Passing and Shooting, and I don't think the problem is the board work and possesion game where Wheeler may be a better choice with his size, and hitting and that type of ability.

Booth does seem to be a sniper/powerforward type and I think with Little he could get his A game back and could also help Kesler, because Kes seemed to always carry the puck and then try to Shoot and the D-man would take away his time and space and he wouldn't get a good chance to shoot, where as with Little (like I said with Booth) Kesler could get open and Little could feed him then he would have that time cause in the Highlights of Kes's 40 goal season when he scores with his Wrister he gets alot of drop passes and things like that.

Sorry mine is so long haha :P

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Wheeler could do a drop pass on his way to the net! Lol

Hmmm now is being able hit a rushing forward in stride something we should rely on from a playmaking forward or something we should expect from our D?

Lol Lets just leave it as we both have made very good points and both Kesler and Booth would excel with either Wheeler and Little. And I think we can both agree that a pure playmaker, a true power forward or a hybrid of the two is the type of player that Booth and Kesler both need haha.

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I just said that hitting thing about Wheeler because u mentioned something about Wheeler's hitting ability.

But ya we both made great points for either, you can't go wrong with either player I guess its just about personal preference. :P

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Yah Wheeler this past year broke out physically laying a lot of hits. But when I said hi a rushing forward in stride I meant making a pass to a player in stride on the rush. Is that something we should be expecting from a playmaker or from our D? Depends on what zone the puck is in right? Cause it doesnt make sense to me to expect my forward to make a breakout pass to a rushing forward. That's more the D'a job in my mind

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Little is 5'11"/180 and Voracek is 6'2"/215 - not much difference. Big difference.

We can get Colin Wilson as our third line centre and depending on the opponent we can roll out a middle-6 of:








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I'd agree with mpt here. As good as Little would be on the Kesler line, Voracek would be so much better. He's consistently one of te hardest working Flyers night in and night out. Great forechecker, good vision and a wicked shot. He can make some outstanding plays and he's not benefitting from an overpowered Flyers he's been a consistent point producer since being in the league with CBJ. He protects the puck really well with his body and frame. Unfortuantely, he's not a hitter. He's record 50 or less hits every season.

It does look like he'll go to free agency, Flyers dont have the cap space to re-sign him and with the emergence of Simmonds, Schenn, Couturier, Read and Wellwood make him expendable. If he ever gets to free agency a lot of teams will be after him. Flyers will likely be trading his rights and whoever trades for him will be sure to sign him.

If we got Voracek that's 5 left handed shooters in our top 6.

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