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To Florida: Luongo, Raymond's Rights

To Vancouver: Weiss, 3rd

With Jonathan Huberdeau supposedly becoming a pretty good player in the NHL one day, Florida might be willing to move a center, especially if they need a goalie. Lu played great hockey in Florida, and it's where his home is with his wife and kids. Lu will be great with the panthers.

Meanwhile, the Canucks get a good 2nd line center (not sure if he can play wing) which will be good for our second line.

Proposed lines:


Burrows-Weiss-Kesler (Kes and Weiss can swith spots if needed)


Parros-Malhotra-Kassian (Sign Parros)

What do you think?

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Guest BuckFoston

Florida isn't going to go after Luongo, they way Jacob Markstrom is developing he will be a bonafide starter in 2 years.

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