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How Big A Offseason Will The Canucks Have

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are they going to get top4 d in a trade or in the draft or how about another top6 forward and how many free agents will MG sigh with vancouver. who will the canucks draft is also a big question. one thing for sure is the canucks will have to do something the question is what will they do? what is your guesses on the canucks offseason moves?

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I am fully convinced that MG will make a play for Weber... who knows if it will be successful, but I think it will happen.

He got our draft pick back that enables us to put out offer sheets for a reason.

I have extolled the many reasons why I think that Weber will be signed to an extension in Nashville or traded before July 1st this year... and I hold to that. I do not believe that Nashville will just sign him to another year or match a 1yr offer sheet, and then lose him for nothing at the end of that year.

I still think there is a reasonable chance he signs in Nashville, but if that doesn't happen I think we are in a very select group of teams that would be in the running for his services. I suspect Vancouver, Detroit, Philly, St. Louis, and Washington would be among the teams vying for his services.

Nasvhille would likely never agree to a sign and trade with St. Louis or Detroit because of divisional rivalries... nor would Weber probably be happy seeing his old team that often. People make a lot of the hometown connection and the Hamhuis friendship, so maybe that could be worth something.

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The grammar in this post makes me believe this may be a joke...

i agreed i think they trade luongo get a few players/prospect/picks (we will see how much will gillis can get when luongo is traded) sigh a defensemen and if we have enough cap space we should look for a big bottle 6 forward.

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