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Alex Burrows Montage*

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First post on the forum, so yeah hey guys haha

First thing on Photoshop I've made in months, thought I'd dedicate it to Burr and his goal vs the Blackhawks :towel:

Tell me what you think and feel free to use it on any forum (Credit would be appreciated)


(File was too big to upload, so will have to look at it on TinyPic :picard: )

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Thanks Henrik :)

500 x 275

Anything under and the video would've been too small to look at details haha

But if the limit to the forums is 400x200 I'll try my best for the next sig I make!

I'm off for a few hours, hope to make one or two more tonight, any recommendations? If you have one, name me a player and a video along with it

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Thanks for the input Vintage, I'll experiment with it more tonight to see.

I use Photoshop CS5

(Also, is the video to the right of the image actually playing? Or is it just a still image, I've just noticed the link ended with .jpg instead of .gif)

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