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Ps4 Could Have Game Freezing Advertisements


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PS4 could have game freezing adverts

New mid-game advertising could change games forever

Brace yourself gamers, this news might hit you hard. Sony is considering bringing game-freezing adverts to all of its consoles.

Shocking news isn't it? Picture yourself on the digital beaches of Normandy or in the middle of killings scores of virtual terrorists in Afghanistan and all of a sudden your game freezes and you're shown a trailer of the new Guy Ritchie film. Sounds horrific, doesn't it?

Well that's exactly what Sony have just submitted an patent application for. 'Advertisement scheme for use with interactive content' is what the patent application is called to be more precise.

We've taken a quick look at how Sony foresees the game-freezing advert working and it's not pretty.

Step one

First of all, the game will flash up a small text warning that "interactive content will be suspended" and the game will slow down.

Step two

"Suspending playing of the interactive content"

Step three

The advertisement will then run for an unconfirmed period of time.

Step four

Your game will then rewind a certain amount and then play will resume where you left off.


There is little information available at present as to whether Sony intends to use this technology in premium paid-for games for the PS3 and the PS4 when it's released. Or instead for the growing number of free app-style/arcade games that are being downloaded on smartphones, tablets and Xbox currently. See the full patent application here



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I had no issue with product placement within the games (billboards featuring real life products, or real life products used in game), but suspending an entire game to run a commercial? that's going too far. it's now encroaching on the experience of the gameplay. expect a major backlash for all games employing this tactic (unless they are free, and the console is free, and the advertisers pay for it with their advertizing dollars, that is)

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considering the risk and cost involved in developing games, I am not at all surprised to see this. It costs $10,000 on the developer's end alone to push an update through for PS in fees to SOE. I wonder if we will begin to see more games, non AAA titles subsidized in this way??

What if this is one way that allows for import games from Japan to be successfully published here? I know there are certain RPGs and SRPGS that are considered too niche to be successful. I don't think I'd really mind it in that case.

Haha, can you just imagine: Pepsi presents: Armored Core 8 !!

I remember a few years ago when The Matrix Online had real life ads in game (limited to billboards IIRC) it caused a bit of a stink.

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I see what Sony is thinking. They could make a ton of money on adverts like that. Being that they could go on every game, there would be tons of exposure, which companies would love.

But it is still a stupid idea. I have been considering getting the PS4 or whatever it's called when it gets out, but this would prevent me from doing so.

Even if they made huge bucks per person on this, they still might not make money. Many people would switch to either PC or Xbox simply because of this, just as I would. This would throw a dent into any profits that they would make from the extra exposure. That plus the added affect of a hampered reputation would not make it worth it to Sony.

What if you finally completed a really hard quest and the second after you do, an ad comes up. The game rewinds after the ad is done, and you've lost your few valuable seconds in which you had completed the quest.

Furthermore, in some games, like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, game pausing is a huge detriment. It can throw your entire rhythm off. And what about in online games? Will they make you pause just before you're about to get a triple kill in Call of Duty? No. It's stupid and I seriously hope they don't do this. It will ruin any market share that PlayStation still has left.

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This could work, but I think it would make more sense if they did this at the beginning of the game (before you fight off zombies, here's a coke commercial, instead of a coke commercial in between zombie kills) or at the beginning of the start up. I wouldn't mind this if they did it for demos (not during the gameplay, but rather what I have suggested), but the market attractiveness would greatly decrease. I wonder if Xbox would consider doing this after PS4, like adding the advertisements after everyone has bought the Xbox. That would be sneaky, but wouldn't surprise me.

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Do it like NHL does it. In game board ads. Honda Highlight Reel. The Blackberry for Be a GM Mode. The Be a Player mode brought to you by Verizon. Doesn't detract from the game and in NHL12's case, actually ads to the realism effect. Not fair to ad commercials for something youve paid 70 bucks to play.

Racing games with billboards.

GTA with Rudbulls to refill energy meter.

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Gives me good reason to dust off my PS1 and PS2.

I'm not a fan of where gaming is heading... connecting online for single player.... price of games.... graphics over gameplay....

If the PS4 and new Xbox do this AD thing, Forget it. I;m going outside to play.

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