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Basically there is speculation that Columbus is going to be trading their second overall pick+ for the first overall pick.

Edmonton doesn't need another foward and they know that they could trade down and still get a highly skilled defensmen ( Ryan Murray) so lets say columbus 1st and second for edmonton's 1st

Columbus picks up Nail Yakupov as their new poster boy to take over for nash.

Though Nash still has to go somewheres and Columbus still need a Goaltender, Schnieder seems to be a good bet to be at the top of their list.

To van:

Nash, Brassard

To: Columbus

Schnieder, Schroeder, Tanev, Rights to Mason Raymond, 3rd round pick

We boost our 1st and third line, they get a new look that they need Yakupov being their new star and gaining a young talented Defensemen and a young Centerman to replace Brassard( Mason is just kinda get out of here :P and he couldn't really hurt the Blue Jackets)

After this move we would have Lack Back up for Luongo, He for sure deserves his shot.

After this trade just a minor trade to gain a third rounder back/ Salary dump



To Van:

2nd round pick

sign Jason Garisson 3.5- 4m

Bring up Jensen

Line up:

Sedin Sedin Nash--------> Sedins finally get big Foward who can snipe and piss goalies off

Booth Kesler Burrows------> Fast forchecking line, Burrows could be the playmaking foward Kesler needs.. they did have some chemistry while burrows was with them.

Hansen Brassard Jensen-----> big line 6'1, 6'1, 6'3... also keep the two great danes together so Hansen can mentor Jensen.

Higgins Lappy Kassian-------> may get hate for Higgins on the fourth line and kassian but imagen having to play against this fourth line.... scary

Edler Salo

Hamuis Bieksa

Garisson Gragnani



should have enough cap when it goes up cause this team would be about 65m

flame away if you wish :P just another summer crazy idea :P

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