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So The New Hip Album Sucks...


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They have a few outstanding albums, but nothing has really stood out for me since Phantom Power. That album got me back into the Hip at the time, but they followed it up with the truly awful Music@Work. Since then, other than a couple of tracks on World Container, I have totally lost interest.

But that still doesn't take away from a fantastic back catalogue. Some of my faves:

- So Hard Done By

- Boots Or Hearts

- Fireworks

- Grace, Too

- Cordelia

- Ahead By a Century

- Chagrin Falls

- Courage (how can anyone not love this song???)


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Love them, but I've pretty much ignored their latest stuff because nothing has really grabbed me.

The old Hip (Road Apples, Up To Here & Fully Completely) - excellent in my opinion.

My favourite songs (since you asked):

When The Weight Comes Down


Long Time Running

Fiddlers Green

Blow At High Dough


Twist My Arm

She Didn't Know

Wheat Kings

Pigeon Camera

Locked In The Trunk Of A Car

Looking For A Place To Happen

And, yes Captain Bob, Nautical Disaster

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