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Schneider would have stopped Kopitar


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See how Brodeur flops just like Luongo?

Broduer literally gets one one hand and falls down, EXACTLY AS LUONGO DOES.

Schneider is immune to that and would have slide to the right remaining in an upside down T formation making himself too big for Kopitar to have a chance.

We all know it.

Trade Luongo.

edit: donno why you think I am bashing Brodeur, he's 40, just saying Schenider would have made the save.

That's just like, your perception man.

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:picard: I doubt any goaile would have stopped that, and if you watched you would have realized that Kopitar froze Broduer got him to go down to one knee, then again, then made it look like he was going backhand, Broduer was already down and out and in last resort stuck out the leg to try to save it, really not a flop, just a last ditch effort after getting severely deked.

Lu does but he usually gets deked aswell, it's not like goailes just decide to go down and give the shooter an empty net and in this case Kopitar's move was too good, no goaile would have saved it, not even Schneids.

Terrible thread.

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WOW! :shock:

I was watching the game and when Kopitar scored, I thought to myself "I know a goalie who would have made that save!"

LUONGO! Luongo is notorious for flopping on his belly, but when he does he keeps his pads on the ice. Doing so, luongo would have made that save! BUT don't forget about Marty's paddy stack and some of his other brilliant saves. Luongo would have made that ONE save but who knows if he would have made the others

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