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Calling All League of Legends Players!


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LoL Arena Overview

Quick Video Overview (Recommend Watching First): http://www.youtube.c...h?v=NeLivibK9p0

Are you ready to play League of Legends in a new and revolutionary way? LoL Arena was a concept created by TNP Gaming to give players a chance to play competitive 5v5 matches in a fun, friendly environment. Our main focus was to provide users an alternative option to play competitive games and not have to deal with trolls, solo queue problems, elo hell etc.

What separates us from other League of Legends tournaments is that we are run like a Sports League. We have 4 seasons a year and it never stops. New players are put into the draft pool and Veterans can be traded, signed, or released. The biggest difference is you sign up individually, not in a preset team. You sign up and get drafted by a team into the league.

How you play determines your future. Play well and you'll be heading to the all-star game. Play inconsistent and you might get traded. Play poorly and you'll be getting released to the Free Agent pool. Every decision you make effects your career in the LoL Arena. You can become a Legend or a never was.

To get started in the LoL Arena, follow the 3 steps below:

1) Create an Account on our website at www.tnpgaming.com

2) Click the LoL Arena tab

3) Click Player Registration

Features and Extras

  • Shoutcasted Games Every Week

  • Weekly Interviews with Players

  • In-Depth Stat Tracking (N/A in Season 1)

  • Top 5 Plays (Bi-Weekly)

  • All-Star Game

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