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Possible refresher on old topic

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I know this has been talked about, but I'm too lazy to find it so I'll refresh the topic.

With Kesler going through another off season surgery and is looking to be out for the beginning of next season again, a second line center could be an important piece for next season. I don't know how we could make it happen, but Jordan Staal would be a perfect fit. He is prime to take on a second line role and is unhappy on the third line in Pittsburgh. With Crosby and Malkin in Pittsburgh, he's not gonna move up there any time soon, so I can see him becoming available at the draft.

If Vancouver could get him, it solves a few situations for Vancouver. In my opinion, he stays on the second line and moves a healthy Kesler to the third line. Kes wouldn't be under huge pressure to put up big numbers and would solidify the third line. He and Higgins has always shown chemistry together and, with Hansen, would provide an amazing shut down line.

In the end this could be exactly the type of move that Vancity needs to put them over the top. If this is true, then I would look at Kes's injury as a blessing in disguise.

Every one knows that for this to happen, MG is gonna have to pay a hefty price so here's some food for thought.

To Toronto:

Roberto Luongo

Jordan Schroeder

To Vancouver:

Clarke MacArthur

5th over all pick


To Pittsburgh:

David Booth

Toronto's 5th over all pick

Vancouver's 26th over all pick

To Vancouver:

Jordan Staal

Seek to sign Brandon Prust & Paul Gaustad

Provided he's healthy, promote Nicholas Jensen

2012-2013 Forward Line Up

D.Sedin - H.Sedin - A.Burrows

C.MacArthur - J.Staal - N.Jensen

C.Higgins - R.Kesler - J.Hansen

B.Prust - P.Gaustad - Z.Kassian

M.LaPierre, M.Malhotra, S.Pinizzotto in reserve

In my opinion, it's a pretty solid line up. In the end, if Kesler decides he's unhappy in the third line role, maybe he becomes trade bait at the deadline for a top 2 dman.

Don't know about you, but I like it.

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