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[Proposal] PIT-CHI

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To Pittsburgh:

Patrick Kane

To Chicago:

Jordan Staal

This deal makes sense for both sides in my opinion. Chicago is in desperate need for a second line center and Staal would be a terrific fit as he is definitely set for a bigger role, which he wont get in Pittsburgh more than likely. Plus Kane may need a fresh start as his points have declined for two straight years now since winning the cup.

Since Pitt already has Crosby and Malkin, they have this valuable asset in Staal in which they can get a better winger for Crosby to play with. Malkin will probably have Neal and Kunitz on his wing to start the season compared to Dupuis who will be with Crosby and another winger spot open on that first line. Kane adds a new element because he can make plays himself, so team have to worry more about him as well which can open up Crosby or Malkin.

With both teams being eliminated in the first round for two straight years, each need to make improvements in order to make sure it doesn't happen again, and i think this works well for both teams. As far as cap goes, pitt adds 2.3 more million to their cap, but they have Kane locked up then for three more seasons, while Stall's contract is up he should have no problem in playing in a huge city and market like Chicago.

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The swap would help both teams but I still think Kane holds more value, sort of like Ovechkin (star players that have dropped off a bit). Staal is no star player so I believe that his value cannot be equal to Kane's (yet). After this trade he probably will a "star".

A (top) prospect going to Chicago could seal the deal. Reason for the top prospect is Pitsburgh as plenty of goood d-man coming up and Chicago would be inticed to say "yes". Patrick Kane would do wonders with Crosby or Malkin and Staal would be the perfect 2nd line center in Chi-town.

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Like someone else said value is hard to determine.

IMO its fair because Chicago REALLY needs a 2nd line center and will overpay a bit in Kane and the Pens aren't in deseperate need of a top-6 forward with Crosby, Malkin, Neal, Dupuis, Kennedy and Kunitz, while guys like Bennett and Tangardi pushing for top 9 spots they are a bit loaded.

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Fair deal. Maybe a tad of an overpayment by Chicago. But Pittsburgh's top six though...

Neal - Crosby - Kane

Dupuis - Malkin - Kunitz


And Chicago's

Sharp - Toews - Hossa

Stahlberg - Staal - Shaw


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No thanks, Kane had an off year but the Hawks need a center so that they dont have to play Kane at center. Kane actually had a decent season while playing off position for most of the year. Put Kane beside Toews and his numbers increase dramatically from where they were this season. We aren't trading a top line winger and a star for Jordan Staal who is at best a #2 center

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