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Which Leaf defenseman do we want ?


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No Leaf will help our team. Luke Schenn would be terrible to bring to this team. He is a career minus player in Jr and the NHL:. He averages 1 point every 4 or 5 games for his career. He is not even a shot a game player. We need someone that knows how to pass the puck tape to tape. At 3.6 a year this would be horrible for our team to pick up this contract, a complete waste of money going to a player that should be in the AHL.

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Living in Toronto I see a lot of the Leafs, and I'd be really happy with Schenn, he's the type of defense partner Edler needs, he has his dull moments at times, but he's young and defense is a position that takes a long time to learn. He hits like a truck and isn't afraid to stand up for his teammates, I really like Schenn.

Don't see them trading Gardner, and I definitly want NOTHING to do with Komeserek or Kadri, I know the latter isn't a D-Man, but he's got serious attitude problems.

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!Burke is not going to trade his 1st , Gardiner , or Kessel! So with that in mind , I see us getting a useable d-man like Gunnarson, a high end prospect likekadri to play on the second line , a prospect for the wolves-perhaps ashton or something and a second rounder or two for some package of lu,ballard,and maybe raymond. With our first thrown in maybe we get Schenn too , but beyond somethging along these lines Burke will not take on that contract imo.

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Posted · Hidden by -DLC-, June 6, 2012 - Personal attack
Hidden by -DLC-, June 6, 2012 - Personal attack

When did the Leafs get Johan Franzen? As for my opinion, I would LOVE to get Schenn and Gardiner in the same package. But Schenn and Franson seem more likely. Now imagine if Bourdon didn't die

Edler - Bourdon

Hamhuis - Bieksa

Franson - Schenn

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