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Latendresse (rights)


Minnesota is probably one of the only teams in the league that do not have a high-caliber offensive defense man. They also held the 27th ranked power play last year.

Vancouver gets a steady BC boy with a hilarious last name who is very comfortable playing 3rd pairing minutes and could be a perfect fit for Tanev. Stoner was a rare +/- plus 3 on a very minus Wild team. Also very large. Has a very reasonable 1.05M cap hit for the next two seasons.

Latendresse is a versatile and very large left winger that can play anywhere in the bottom 9. He is also good friends with Lapierre and had decent numbers when not injured. His injuries could give Vancouver some negotiation room in his next contract.

Edit: 1st instead of 2nd.


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okay than, change the 2nd to a 1st and be done with it. I really don't think Edler has as much upside as everyone thinks, I never really did. but that is my opinion.

Untimely broken sticks, mental lapses in own end (all season, not just in playoffs), and the inability to find a good partner other than an aging Salo makes me think that trading him now may be in our best interest. IMHO this is what he would get in return. He "might" be the next Norris level defenseman OR he could be a victim of circumstance, padded stats via Sedin Twins a la Ehrhoff. With Salo not likely on the team next year I am tentative to think about finding a new partner for Eddie. And I think with the possibility of Garrison signing with us, getting two role players and a top 10 pick is of fair value for a player who may or may not sign with the canucks next year.

Edit: I realized how dumb the 2nd's thing was after I posted the initial thread, a top 10 draft pick would be a requirement in this trade.

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