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Possible Luongo Trade

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We've all heard the rumors of Luongo to the Leafs. So I've put together a scenario that i beieve is viable:

To Vancouver:

D Mike Komisarek

2012 1st (5th overall)

To Toronto

G Roberto Luongo

2012 1st (26th overall)

Brian Burke is on the hot seat this season. He needs to make the post-season or he's likely out of a job. The number one issue with the Leafs this year was their incomsistent goaltending. With Jonas Gustavsson's comtract expiring, the Leafs have two options in net at the moment: James Reimer, one half of the terrible tandem that patrolled the paint for the blue and white, and Ben Scrivens, who is currently tearing up the AHL playoffs. I don't think Burke would be comfortable with that pairing in such a crucial year, even as promising as Scrivens looks. It''s already been stated by management that they are looking to bring in a veteran keeper. Keeping both those factors in mind, it makes sense that they would look to Luongo. He's a proven goalie, a workhorse who has carried teams singlehandedly before (see: 2007 Playoffs), so at the very least, he brings the Leafs to the playoffs. Now Toronto is very close to the cap, due to the high number of big money contracts that Burke has handed out during his tenure, so the Canucks would have to eat some salary in return, which they've already demonstrated they aren't afraid to do. The most likely candidate is Mike Komisarek, who at a 4.5 million cap hit, was a frequent healthy scratch this season. Frankly, he's looked terrible since leaving Montreal and Andrei Markov, where he played very well, hence the big payday from T.O. Its been speculated (and i cant remember who wrote it, sorry) that if Komisarek were to play with an elite level defenseman that he could return to the game he played for the Habs with Markov. Now the Canucks don't have a defenseman the caliber of Markov circa 2008, but he does fill a need for the Canucks of a right-side defenseman, and its possible that if paired with a steady defenseman like Dan Hamhuis, who tends to have the effect of making his D-mate better (see Bieksa, Kevin) that Komisarek could return to his Montreal level of play.

Getting T.O. to part with the fifth overall pick will be very difficult, given the amount of talent in this draft. But considering the Canucks will be eating what looks like a toxic contract in Komisarek, GMMG will have some leverage to work with when negotiating, and ultimately Burke would take swapping picks to get an elite goalie like Luongo, and ultimately, to the playoffs.


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Luongo is a big contract, but he's still very capable of great things. Komisarek just isn't good, maybe it's because it's due to playing in Toronto. Either way, if you break down your proposal, it's Luongo for the 5th overall which is respectable, but I think we could get more out of Luongo. I would never offer up a 1st, even if it's 26th overall, for Komisarek. IMO, we are overpaying just to get the #5 pick and we do not improve whatsoever for the next season.

This is why I think we should be looking at Schenn, Franson, Lombardi, Reimer, 2nd for Luongo, Raymond, Alberts.

Lombardi will be their cap dump, but could still be an effective 3rd line centerman for us if he can stay healthy. Reimer gives us a back-up to develop and try to move for better pieces in the future and opens up room for Toronto to bring up Scrivens as a back-up. We don't get their 1st, but their 2nd will be a high 2nd rounder. Toronto keeps Gardiner as well to help sway Schultz to sign with them, which will help ease the loss of Schenn and Franson. Raymond was a Nonis draft pick as well.

To break down the offer, it would be Raymond for Franson. Alberts for Lombardi. Luongo for Schenn, Reimer, 2nd.

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Nucks get hosed big time. Can't believe how undervalued Luongo is on here. His cap number is not as bad...look at what top goalies are making out there and very few have a cap number lower then luongo. Length is not a big an issue as some would want you to believe. Essentialy only 6 years left on contract.

Ask yourself this...if luongo was a free agent don't u think leafs/wings/jackts/lightning/etc. would offer luongo 6 years 36 million deal? Not too far fetched. Point is his contract isn't that bad and he is a top top goalie.

Look for something like Schenn/Colborne/pick for Luongo.

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Okay so lets try some logic. Tell me why Komisarek is a plug instead of saying it like you own the universe. Also, some of you don't seem to understand how much of a factor Lu's contract plays in this. It's a TEN YEAR deal. Thats a bad, bad contract, so obviously Gillis is going to have to take back a bad contract. Lombardi would be worse than redundant here, Alberts and Raymond are redundant in T.O., so it makes sense for Komisarek to come back. Yes Komisarek was terrible in Toronto, but if you read the whole post, he could fit in here. He's a right-side d-man, which the canucks desperately need, and its POSSIBLE that if paired with Hamhuis, he could be the shutdown guy he was in Montreal. The worst case scenario? We bury him in the minors with Reinprecht. The big piece of this deal is 5th overall. The canucks could grab one of several good young d-men, a.k.a. Reinhart, Dumba or Rielly, and then they'd have the good young impact defenseman we've been missing for a long time. Apparently people don't understand the value of a top 5 pick.

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