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Hells Kitchen 10/Master Chef 3


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Hells Kitchen 10 kicked off tonight, and it was intense! I know from past Hells Kitchen threads that there are quite a few fans on here. What're your guys & gals predictions for who wins this thing? Pick 1 guy and 1 girl you think will win it, a lot more fun to pick right off the bat without knowing much about each individual.

My choices are:

Out of the girls: Dana, because she's hot, she's from where I'm from (New Jersey) and she had a pretty great dish to start off with.

Out of the guys I'm picking: Guy. I have a feeling his drill sargeant background will kick in when each of them have to take turns expediting.

For a full link of who's competing this year, go to: http://rex-riley.com...10-cast-photos/

The first person eliminated was:


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Masterchef just feels more honest of a show. You don't instantly wonder if certain parts are edited to make us feel a certain way while Hell's Kitchen certainly is heavily edited.

That plus incompetence is expected from professional chefs now on the show. You honestly have to wonder if the people who sign up even know what the heck they've gotten themselves into and if they prep for it. Everything they need to do is right out in the open and no one appears to be ready for it.

Hell's Kitchen has definitely gone downhill after the Season 6 Dave vs. Kevin final.

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I too prefer Master Chef, although I haven't seen the current competition yet.

On another front, (and sorry for slightly derailing) watching Cake Boss the other day and Buddy finally bit the bullet and fired Mary. A long time coming, IMO.

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Hells Kitchen has to be b.s. How the hwll can these "chefs" keep screwing up this bad?I can see throwing up crapty food if you're a bad cook, but how the hell do you put up raw pizzas, or dishes of scallops that are that different. I mean one plate looks browned and one plate is obviously raw, how the f does a "chef" do that in a competition?

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