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Cannibal killer arrested

Buddhas Hand

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'Canadian Psycho' Luka Magnotta caught in Berlin

By David Akin and Brian Daly, QMI Agency email_off.gifprint_off.gif write_off.gif

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Global manhunt comes to an end

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Images of Luka Magnotta icon_photo.gif

Luka Magnotta's apartment

With the words "you got me," Luka Magnotta gave himself up to German police Monday.

The six-day international manhunt for the suspected body-parts killer ended around 2 p.m. local time when the 29-year-old man of many disguises was picked up at an internet cafe on Karl-Marx-Strasse in the southern Neukolln district of Berlin.

Magnotta's case has been big news in Europe. Though he's yet to be convicted of any crime, the French press have dubbed him "The Dismemberer" and the English tabloids refer to him alternately as the "Canadian Psycho" or the "Cannibal Killer."

Magnotta, a former porn actor and stripper, faces trial in Montreal for the ice-pick murder and subsequent dismemberment of Chinese national Jun Lin.

Cafe owner Kadir Anlayisli told Reuters news agency that he had read about Magnotta and recognized his face when the man took off his sunglasses in the cafe.

He then stepped outside, stopped a passing police van and told them: "I have someone here you might be looking for." invisible.gif


An employee at the Berlin cafe says Magnotta was looking at a web page about himself when an officer, alerted by staff, walked up to him and asked him for identification.

Raw CCTV of the suspected cannibal killer, Luka Magnotta's arrest in Berlin.

While Magnotta didn't resist arrest, he did make a half-hearted attempt to avoid police custody, Berlin police spokesman Guido Busch told QMI Agency.


Employee Kadir Anlayisli poses outside the internet cafe where he identified murder suspect Luka Rocco Magnotta in Berlin, June 4, 2012. REUTERS/Thomas Peter

"(He) first tried to get out by telling several names that are fiction," Busch said. "At last he said, 'You got me.'"

Magnotta is expected to appear before a judge on Tuesday.

"I'm very happy that the Berlin police arrested him and that nobody was injured in the whole arrest," another Berlin police spokesman, Stefan Rieldich, told QMI. "I think we can all be very happy with the outcome."

A spokesperson for Canadian Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said Canada will submit a formal request for Magnotta's extradition.

Magnotta's arrest sets the stage for one of the most high-profile trials in recent Canadian history once he's extradited to Montreal.

German police expect Magnotta to be back in Canada by the end of the week, but Montreal lawyer Stephane Handfield, who specializes in extradition law, said the process could be delayed should Magnotta contest extradition.

"If he decides to (contest it) it could take several months, if not a few years, before the suspect crosses the Canadian border," Handfield said.


The man dubbed the "Canadian Psycho," who is suspected of killing and filming the dismemberment of his boyfriend, was arrested in Berlin on June 4, 2012, according to a media report.

Magnotta faces charges of first-degree murder, indignity to a corpse and production and distribution of obscene material.

He also faces charges of criminal harassment towards Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Parliament.

"I'm obviously pleased that the suspect has been arrested and I just want to congratulate the police forces on their good work," Harper told reporters in London, UK, where he is attending Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

The case quickly made international headlines after a janitor found Lin's torso stuffed in a suitcase behind a Montreal apartment building last Tuesday. Magnotta is suspected to have mailed parts of Lin's body to the federal Conservatives and the Liberals after Lin was killed on May 24 or 25.


Jun Lin is seen in this Facebook photo.

A source told QMI that Magnotta and Lin were dating, and Magnotta became angry when Lin broke off the relationship and started dating another man.

The source said it was Lin's new partner who reported Lin missing to police.

In a gruesome twist, a video clip of the murder was posted on a gore website, and police have said the video depicts acts that took place in Magnotta's west-end apartment.

Montreal police said the suspect flew to Paris and that he had been spotted.

Magnotta's was the lead photo on Interpol's website as of May 30, when an international arrest warrant was issued for him.

The French newspaper 20 Minutes reported Monday that Magnotta was believed to have headed to Berlin on Friday evening aboard a Eurolines bus.

20 Minutes says detectives showed his photo to employees at the Bagnolet bus terminal in Paris. Investigators also examined footage from about 20 video cameras at the terminal, the newspaper said.

AFP reported Sunday that a source said French police were allegedly able to track Magnotta's whereabouts through his cellphone.


This is a screen grab from a gruesome Internet video that made the rounds following an alleged murder in Montreal last month.

Magnotta was raised mainly by his grandparents and grew up in east-end Toronto and in Lindsay, Ont., northeast of the city.

He had a massive Internet presence and also worked in the gay porn industry before recently moving to Montreal.

-- With files form Daniel Proussalidis

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Magnotta's guide to disappearing and never being found:

Luka Magnotta said he was tired of the constant harassment so he is leaving the country and not returning.

How To Disappear Completely And Never Be Found

A Step-By-Step Guide To Leaving Your Old Life Behind

When making the decision to disappear, it is very important to understand that this is not a process that can be successfully accomplished overnight. For best results under normal circumstances, a minimum of four months is really necessary to successfully carry out the heroic actions necessary to leave your old life behind. This is certainly not an undertaking to be entered into lightly - be completely sure of yourself before you commit to this.


The first thing to do upon deciding to carry out this transformation is to determine where you plan to go. Your city of previous personal preference may not be the best choice if you have spoken to others about your love for it. Your destination should be outside of your current province/state. Do some research on it, figure out what you will do when you get there. Most importantly, decide on it and stick with this decision.

Once you have chosen a destination, you are ready to proceed with your disappearance. The first three steps should be accomplished simultaneously over the course of four months.

Step One

Cut personal ties with everyone who knows you. Drop out of every group, organization, social circle, bingo table and car pool that you are a part of. The most important thing to remember here is to accomplish this slowly: pull out too abruptly and your friends and associates will become immediately suspicious. Carrying out this step should require several months of missed meetings and unreturned phone calls. Build your absence up gradually until you no longer do anything with the people who knew you.

Step Two

Liquidate all your assets. Divest yourself of all stocks, property and possessions, except for a week's worth of clothes and other necessities (please note: a desktop computer is NOT a necessity). Sell your house if you are single and own one. Your house should be the last thing to be sold. Please note that if you are married, do not attempt to sell anything that is your spouse's or is jointly owned. This may mean that you won't be able to sell the house, but this can't be helped. Selling things that aren't totally yours brings all sorts of nasty consequences that will dog your disappearance, such as law enforcement and private investigators. They should be avoided at all costs. Get cash for everything you sell, and withdraw everything from your bank account, waiting as long as possible before actually closing it. Be very critical when deciding what to keep: everything has to fit into a suitcase (or two at the very most) by the time you leave, so keep only what is absolutely necessary. All these sales should close within as small a timeframe as possible; having them all close on the same day would be perfect but unlikely. Finally, do not sell your car, as you will need it for the early stages of your physical disappearance.

Step Three

Acquire false identification. While this isn't listed until step three, this really should be the first thing you do. Do not leave this until late in the process, as it will require a substantial length of time to acquire GOOD forgeries. These will be fairly expensive, but the cost and resulting quality is absolutely essential. A twenty dollar driver's license bought downtown is just not going to cut it. You will need a driver's license, a valid social security number, and a birth certificate. In some countries, you may need other pieces of identification, such as health cards. You will need two sets, two separate identities. By the time you have completed the two steps above, you should have your two new identities, the first of which should reside in a neighbouring city / county to your present home.

Step Four

Sell your car to the first of your fake identities. To achieve this, you need to open a post office box in the name of this false identity in their home city/county. Register the car with the DMV in this county, and get insurance. The rates are not a concern, as you will not be paying them.

Step Five

In the week before your departure, you should make a point of seeing each of your good friends once. When asked about where you've been, answer vaguely but reassuringly. This should be sufficient to keep them from becoming overly concerned about your absence for at least a couple of weeks. Once the last sale of your previous property has closed, destroy all your current identification. This means thoroughly burning it. Place in your wallet the identification that you registered your car with, along with one hundred dollars of your cash. Place the rest of your cash in a briefcase or other suitable container. Load your remaining belongings into your car. Now back out of your garage and DRIVE.

Step Six

Sell your car in a different state/province, using the identification under which you registered it. Choosing a near opposite path to the one you will eventually take to your chosen destination will help throw off anyone who decides to attempt to follow your footsteps. Now get rid of this set of identification (once again, fire will do the trick). Place your second set of identification in your wallet. There is now nothing to tie you to your old life. Get on a bus and ride it to your destination. Do not fly there directly, as airlines keep much more thorough records than bus lines. If flying is essential (your eventual destination happens to be a Carribean island) then take a bus somewhere else first. Carry your briefcase of money with you at all times. Do not put it in a luggage compartment or leave it unattended anywhere. This is your future life. Have this stolen, and you'll have disappeared, sure, but you'll be begging on the street instead of living it up in your new condo.

Luka Magnotta

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What is going on in the world right now.....


Man beheads wife on apartment roof in Berlin

A Berlin man was arrested on Monday on suspicion of killing his wife and cutting her body to pieces after a row in a flat where police later found six children, authorities said. Witnesses said they saw him throw her head from the roof.

"Upon entering the apartment, officers discovered the partly dismembered body of the 30-year-old tenant and detained the 32-year-old husband after he attempted to resist them," police said in a statement.

A police spokesman said later that the body parts were discovered on the terrace of the flat and that limbs had also been found in the courtyard of the building. An autopsy showed the woman had been stabbed to death.

The man, who is believed to work in the building industry and who, authorities say, has several traffic violations and tax infractions on his police record but no violent crimes, was to appear before a judge later Monday.

Neighbours alerted the authorities after hearing loud noises from the apartment in the early morning.

The six children, who were apparently unscathed, were handed over to social services, police said.

They were not able to say whether all six, who are between the ages of one and 13, two girls and four boys, belonged to the couple.

A witness told local public radio station RBB that she had seen the man, who she said was Turkish, on the roof of the five-storey apartment building holding up the head of the woman in one hand and a knife in the other.

Her mother saw him throw the head into the courtyard, she said. She said she had earlier seen the man strike and kick his wife.

The Berliner Morgenpost newspaper reported in its online edition that the children were in a room with the door closed at the time of the killing and did not see what occurred. But other neighbours told German news agency DPA that they could see the children looking out the window as the murder took place.

One said that the man had had another lover living in the building with whom he had two children and that the wife had previously thrown her husband, with whom she often fought, out of the apartment.

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