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I love this team going in the 2012- 2013 season.

Evil Roach

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Way too much positivity for me to handle.

-Vigneault is a great regular season coach, however, he's a TERRIBLE playoff coach. He should not have been re-signed

-Raymond is a bum. Too bad so sad about his injury, but I want the Canucks to win the cup, not deal with a sob story

-Edler proved in the playoffs that he has been ridiculously overrated as the next great defensemen on the Canucks.

-Malhotra has to go, he's old news

-Trading Hodgson for Kassian was a terrible move. It made the team A LOT WORSE going into a playoffs where we were considered one of the favourites. Maybe he'll pan out, but that's likely to happen AFTER the Canucks window of winning the cup is shut

-Either Luongo or Schneider have to be traded for someone that can make an immediate impact. The team as it stands now will be lucky to get out of the first round next year. They need a top 6 forward or top 3 d-man.

Cudos to your optimism, but it's founded in blindness

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even if he does that in the reg season he'll still be 2 puny for play off hockey. as far as Bieksa I've never been a big fan of his. sure he can put up 40 points every couple seasons, but I'd rather have 2 more Hamhuis like players rounding out the top 4.

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Do you really, honestly think the LA fans thought most of the players in the Kings were great? No way, they probably slaughtered them all season long.

The Stanley Cup throws up men of the hour..........for some LA players that will be as near they come to being idolised or liked in their whole career.

We need to "design" a team for the SC and you better be ready for a lot of disappointment as these teams are rarely pretty to watch.............they are hard to beat and even harder to beat in a best of 7.

I still maintain if we played LA in a one off to-morrow we would beat them (as we did Boston) because man for man we are a better team BUT make it over 7 and that becomes a different hockey game.

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