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[Proposal] Biggest Deal Of The Off-Season

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Each team needs a shakeup in a certain way, and this would be the type of blockbuster deal that can go down. Before you bash on Phaneuf, read this:

Say what you want, Phaneuf is EXACTLY the type of player this team needs - a big, mean, physical angry defenceman who is great in front of his own net, has a bomb of a shot and is itching to get into the playoffs.

But I say this team needs Luongo more than Schneider if it wants to win a Cup right now, so I would propose this:

Schneider and Ballard for Phaneuf and Gustafsson.

Simply put, Toronto get their star future goalie and experience on the blueline to replace Phaneuf. We get that big physical #1 defenceman we've been looking for and a backup capable of 20 games to relieve Luongo of some fatigue.

Sedin - Sedin - Burrows

Booth - Kesler - Higgins

Jensen - Malhotra - Hansen

Bitz - Lapierre - Kassian

Edler - Phaneuf

Hamhuis - Bieksa

Salo - Alberts




That is already a much bigger, more physical lineup from the forwards to defence to goalies even. Size is clearly how you win in this league nowadays, the more durable the forwards the better and depth up front is key while big strong defencemen are whats needed to contend with the other giant forwards out there. This team would have faired well against the Kings' and Bruins' big forwards.

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Too bad we didn't address our biggest problem. 5 on 5 scoring on our top 6. Actually you made it worse by placing a rookie on the wing. I don't want this team. Especially since our bottom pairing both play the right side.

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