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[TSN-Insider Trading] Luongo Update

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Summery of Key Points

- Teams that have the most interest, Florida and Toronto

- Luongo has not Met with MG or Canucks Management regarding his future as a Canuck

- Luongo is on vacation with his family in Cabo.

- Teams that are borderline interested are hesitant do to the nature of Luongo's contract.

- They also pointed out ---> if Luongo retires in 4-5 years as many believe he will do, (max 7) the contract becomes more attractive to possible Suiters.

- Gillis and Luongo Need to get on the same page, (Trade or Stay) before teams express serious interest.

Basically, the Rumors are a joke.

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did anyone else hear dreger on team 1040??? it kinda went a little more in depth on the luongo situation

he said that if he was a betting man he would bet on luongo landing in florida but only if a good sized contract is going the other way

there isnt anything on fla that im interested in with a hefty price tag attached to his name

there was a bunch of other stuff but this was the juicy part of the convo.....everything else was info you could figured out on your own

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