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[TSN-Insider Trading] Luongo Update

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Do we really want to keep adding pieces from Florida? NO

Leafs? NO

By the stuff I've read, the value of Luongo is low right now, so I'd rather trade Schneider and get a higher return.

Luongo can retire in 4-5 years and we'll have Lack.

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Other interesting tidbits:

McKenzie: Teams that have interest in Roberto Luongo are wondering how long is he going to play, how long is the commitment that you're actually making? He's got 10 years left on his contract, but if you look at the way the contract's structured, he's not going to play more than seven – the last three years are those bogus years for just over a shade over $1 million and he's definitely not playing those. So the maximum commitment is seven years, maybe six. There are some people out there who believe though, that Roberto Luongo is only prepared to play another four or five years in the National Hockey League. And if Roberto Luongo decided to retire at any time, the cap hit goes away and nobody's obliged to take on the commitment of the contract any longer than he is interested in playing. The tricky part though is, Roberto Luongo cannot come to a pre-agreement with any team that is interested in him, saying "oh, I'll only play four years, then I'll let you off the hook," because that would be cap circumvention. There is talk out there that Luongo doesn't want to play any more than four or five years more years, but I think the teams would have to take it on faith or face value.
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Other interesting tidbits:

Gotta love the every changing marketplace. 3 weeks ago Dreger reported Florida has zero interest in Lu, now LeBrun thinks they are 'very interested'. I think the closer we get to July 1st, the more teams that will be interested - especially if there is this 'belief' that he'll retire in 5 or so yrs.

Given what was reported at trade deadline, Gillis is likely still interested in Gudbranson. Other than his size/strength, he's not appealing at all - esp his $3.2M contract. He played extremely sheltered mins in his 1st yr and did very poorly with them. I'd wayyyyy rather have Garrison - by a country mile. I know they have a ton of great prospects, who else is interesting?

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I'd rather keep both assets and increase their value next season now that the tradecan of warms is open and the tradewinds are manifesting.

The 1aC market is bare this year anyways and that's what the Canucks need. A second first line center between Booth and Kesler.

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That is an interesting proposal - the Panthers have a lot of young, high picks on their blueline - Gudbranson, Ellerby and Kulikov, all young first rounders. I haven't seen much of Kulikov, but at 21 he has already played over 200 NHL games - that says alot - he's also an RFA.

I like Upshall and he is a guy they may be willing to move at 3.5 million cap hit - sports hernia last year - he hasn't seemed to be able to gain much traction in his career, but I like the way he plays and I think he'd be a good guy to take a risk on - could turn out to be another Higgins for us.

Garrison may sign here anyway, but why not take his rights in a package like this.

They also have a couple young centers who were first round picks - Huberdeau and Bjugstad - so Shawn Matthias - a big, 24 year old center might be a potential third line center...

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As I said in the other thread:

To Fla


To Van


23rd overall 2012


A deal like this would balance out the Ballard trade a bit (for optics in getting Howden back) and provides the Canucks with a top 9 forward that hits, who could possibly play all over the line-up, which we will need to start the season.

Florida gets their starting goalie to give Markstrom another year in the AHL and cuts the contract of Upshall who they had just signed to a sizable deal.

This is the type of deal we can look for, not for a top 4 d-man. That will need to come from somewhere else but first we need to get the three assets that we can use going forward.

Surprised to hear it suggested but maybe the Canucks really can make a deal to send Lou back to Florida for an asset we previous had sent them, as we did in the Booth trade to re-acquire our 3rd.

I could see a package like Quinton Howden, 23rd overall 2012 and a player like Scotty Upshall doing it.

That way, when combined with the Ballard trade, the deal would look like this:

To Van:

Upshall, Ballard, 23rd overall 2012, Oreskovich

To Fla:

Luongo, Grabner, Bernier

It could be done for optics as much as anything.

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Luongo, Higgins, Schroeder

5th overall, Gardiner


Edler, 5th, Jensen

Perry, Shultz


1st, Malhotra, Connaughton


Sedin Sedin Burrows

Booth Kesler Perry

Ott Lapierre Kassian

Bitz Pahllson Hansen

Hamhuis Bieksa

Ballard Garrison

Gardiner Shultz/Tanev/Salo



/Make it so

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