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NHL Suspension system

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For a while now most hockey fans have been getting extremely frustrated over the penalties handed out for hits to the head,and understandably so.Plenty of other hockey fans as well as myself tend to view the suspensions as "too soft",and in many cases not really a hinderance for the teams chances at making the playoffs.After the Keith hit(I know a bit byest on my behalf)I felt it was unfair for keith to be resting up for the playoffs essentially,while Daniel not being back in time for the start of the playoffs really screwed us.

Now I've been thinking of a system i think is fair to the players,coaches,teams,and last but not least will hopefully end headhunting in the sport,thus maximizing the talent on the ice for us fans to enjoy!

How about instead of suspending players during the regular season,the league switches to a format that truly punishes a player and more importantly the TEAM when it hurts most,the playoffs.

For those who are wondering how the system would work,basically all suspensions from the regular season would not be enforced until playoff time,and if you have a 3 game suspension miss the first 3 games of round one.If you have 8 games round 1 plus game 1 round 2 if you get there,and so on and so forth.The players from teams who didn't make the playoffs would serve their suspensions at the start of next season,regardless of FA status.this way I feel is truly the only way to make players realize how much they are hurting their team from getting to the cup,and hopefully because of that the headhunting stops.

would love to hear some feedback,again just something that could work,and let me know your ideas for deterring these types of hits,thanks for reading!

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