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How to become unfriendzoned


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Here is the story,

So there is this girl I like, I've been talking to her since early February, and I realized I liked her sometime in March however, she did not share the same feelings with me. I kept trying and trying, then finally in April she said she liked back, but she wasn't ready for a relationship. A few weeks after she got over me( I did nothing) and I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get her to like me.


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Guest BuckFoston

Find a new gal... seriously, unless this is someone you look at and go "I'm going to marry her one day, can't let this one get away" there are plenty of women out there to "like". She's not interested? No sweat. Chemistry is not something you should have to work at this hard so you are better off with a new squeeze.

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Unfriendzoning is very difficult, so firstly I suggest you find a new lady. Assuming you retain a friendship with this girl, let her know that you have a new lady you're interested in. Don't give her the attention you seemingly lavish on her at present. See what happens. (The logic is that your friend will take a step back and reassess her feelings for you). If she starts showing interest again, go for it. Else, move on.

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Ah, relationships...

The whole "I'm not ready for a relationship" thing is a load of garbage and it translates to not wanting anything more than a friendship. I'm sure we've all gotten that at one point or another, I sure have (a couple months ago!), and while it may hurt to think about it that way, you'll be over it in a couple of days, or maybe a week.

Obviously, I don't know all the circumstances surrounding your situation, but if you really think you're 100% in the "friend-zone", then I think you should just keep contact for now, and move in when she opens up a bit, or is vulnerable. Cheap tactics, but I've found it works for the most part. My current girlfriend I actually won-over this way... I was just there for her when she needed someone to be, and I think she's had a thing for me ever since. It did take about a span of a year and a bit though... so it's by no means a cake walk.

If you think you actually have a legitimate chance with her, and she has so far "moved on" as you said, maybe it would be wise to just back off for a few months. For example, if you go to school together, break contact with her the whole summer, and re-engage in chasing after her the next school year.

That's how I would play it if you're 100% convinced she's the one. From what I know though, I think it might be for the best if you just go after another girl...

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Man up.

When you find yourself alone with her and she's laughing at something you said, stop smiling, grab her around the waist, pull her to you, and carefully kiss her on the lips. If she gets upset and doesn't want to hang out anymore, so be it. Cut the namby-pamby bull and just be honest with her and yourself. If it's not going to happen, move on.

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