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(offseason) vancouver fixing up the team

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#1 trade a goalie

luongo is going to leave. its the best possibility

to tor: luongo, raymond(rfa), 2012 5th

to van: macarthur, schenn, holzer(rfa) 2012 2nd(35th overall)

tor get the starting goalie and a good forward

van gets a decent winger, a young d-man that can develop into a stud, and another d prospect plus a pick

fair enough trade? burke is under pressure and this is the kind of deal we can expect he will make.

#2 our 2nd line problems

if we want kassian to develop than we need to either play him in a top 6 role, or send him to the minors. kassian can be the big playmaker for the 2nd line we need. if he doesnt live up to expectations then we can always replace him via, trade or another prospect from the minors

2nd line when healthy

booth kesler kassian

if he doesnt work out(i dont think he is quite ready personally) we can always put the amex line back together. they were producing very well when they were together. if that 2nd line just stays healthy and gets chemistry they can be effective. and higgins can fill in for kes when he is out as the 2nd line center. booth higgins _____(kassian?)

#3 3rd and 4th lines

our bottom 6 needs work, 4th line just doesnt cut it and we need to loose salary

to van: martin, nyi 2nd(34th overall)

to nyi: ballard, sweatt

ballard can be a top 4 d-man in there system, sweatt i see wont get the chance to be in the NHL with our system the way it is. he might get a better chance to go to the island

martin is a good 4th line player and he is tough. decent defensively

#4 draft day

26th overall: C colton Sissions

great leader he can add to the center depth of the nucks.

34th: RW henrik samuellsson

he possesses the skill to be a top 6 player. can develop into a good power forward

35th: LW tanner pearson

he can be the snipper of this line . he was 3rd among OHL scorers. underrated but he is older than having been passed up the past 2 drafts

#5 signings

schneider 5 years 4mill per

salo 1 year 2mill

martin bitz 2 years 800 000per

weise, volpatti, ebbet, 1 year 620 000

garrison 4 years 3mill per

clemmensen or another backup 2 years 1millper


D. sedin H. sedin burrows

booth kesler kassian

macarthur higgins hansen

martin lappiere bitz


malholtra, weise, ebbett, volpatti(send volpatti and weise to the minors)

bieksa hamhuis

edler garrison

schenn tanev


salo, alberts



well rounded lineup

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