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[RUMOUR] Crosby may sign 10 year $90 mil contract

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First of all, when Crosby is on IR, his cap hit doesn't apply. Lack of insurance just means they'll have to pay the salary dollars. But it doesn't affect the cap (other than in the offseason, or when he is healthy and on their roster).

Secondly, there are two sides to this. Off course for the team a 2-3 year deal would be better. However, Crosby (the person) knows there are questions about his health. The reason he may be willing to accept a contract with virtually no raise is because it is long enough to give him security. In his condition, you don't mess around with 1-2 year deals, because if it goes sideways, you lose out financially, BIG-TIME.

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Holy crap Crosby is gonna be unbelievabley rich. His current contract, what he makes from sponsors, and now a $90 million extension. Me seriously jelly :sadno:

His Gatorade and Reebok endorsements alone have probably made him pretty loaded already. Me jelly also :(

I wonder how a contract negotiation with a player like Crosby works. The Penguins don't have a choice here - if Crosby doesn't re-sign they lose their entire fanbase. But Crosby is a good guy who wouldn't want to cap strap his team with a bad contract. What if he was selfish and was asking for an egregious amount of money - what would the Pens do?

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For everyone complaining about investing $8 million in 2 of the best goalies in the league, its deals like this that make them justifiable.

Crosby is one player, and as good as he is, he is no where near as valuable as having 2 great goalies playing at their peak (due to lack of fatigue) every single night. Ice hockey is a goalie's game, and like it or not the goalie is pretty much the same as football's quaterback - he is the most important player out there, plays 60 minutes of every single game of the season (well, 2 would) and his mistakes show up a lot more than the mistakes of another forward who plays 20 minutes a game for possibly not the entire season.

Crosby may be involved in 1.5 goals a game over the season, but 2 goalies playing every minute of the game are involved in 2 to 3 goals a game. Goalies are hence far more important than forwards, so it baffles me why star forwards can earn $9 million and a star goalie like even Lundqvist is around the $6 million mark, despite being FAR more important to his team than any forward ever would.

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i would sign him to a 2-3 year deal first. Just to see what his health is like. You wouldn't want to invest 10 years in a player that could potentially sit for big chunks of the season (like Lemiuex as the article referred back to).

But nonetheless keeping the top player in the NHL is obviously a must for any team.

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Depending on the CBA, I can see there being some sort of "out clause" in the deal. Or you could make it an "option" deal (MLB style). It would be a (for example sake) 6 year deal worth 9 million annually (totalling 54 million), with 4 option years attached worth another 36 million. But the hitch would be, the Penguins have to exercise all 4 of the option years at the same time.

The contract still give Crosby a guaranteed 54 million, and also gives the Penguins a safety net if the concussions persist

An example of this:


Adam Wainwright(notes)is trying to recover from elbow surgery in February, but he just got a nice get-well gift from the

St. Louis Cardinals


The team decided to pick up a two-year contract option for the pitcher

, keeping him in Cardinal red for the foreseeable future.

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