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Win custody of my avatar and signature

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I submitted an essay for school today. I worked fairly hard on it for the first 2,000 words, but in the end I got lazy, and was a little bit anxious to get it over with because I'd wasted a lot of time on it already. So, basically, I don't think I finished it very well, but sent it anyway.

That's all I'm saying about it. Now, I'm posting this because I want some guesses. On a scale of 0-100, what will my mark be? No gamuts. Exact guesses only. Whoever gets it right wins custody of my avatar and signature for two months (timer will be started immediately when I get my results). Don't expect the results any time soon. I mean, it could take a day, or a few... Maybe a week. I'll post the results as soon as I can, I promise.

Don't make a guess that's already been made by someone else.

Guesses (arranged by highest to lowest for easy browsing):

Bure who?: OVER 9000

A1 CANUCK: 89%

C00KIES: 87%

Alex Galchenyuk: 85%

The Great Honey Badger: 84%

swedishdomination: 83%

formyhunny77: 82%

PlayStation: 81%

Argon: 80%

Ti'gol Bitties: 78%

Toasta Brigger: 76%

Ap03: 75%

Kassian Bashian: 74%

Vintage Canuck.: 73%

knoxdown: 71%

:D: 68%

Henrik Sedin: 62%

Guesses can be changed at any time before I get the results. Closest answer wins, and in a tie-breaker the lowest answer of the two wins. Avatar and signatures chosen can't break the board rules, ofc. Upon winning, the victor will PM me the avatar and signature I am to use. I'm ready for this to be a big disappointment.

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