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Is this a Real Jersey website?

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Guest AriGold

All i will say is the website does say "The Official Shop Of Boston Bruins Store".. That's a big statement and if you're lieing it can mean big big trouble..

I would think it's legit.

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This gem is from their faq section.

"If the product's quality is no problem, we can't to accept the return it.If there's a few problems of goods (for example, the stain or the line did not cut off clearly), we hope you can wash it or clean it,then we will give our guest appropriate compensation. If the size is small for you , or when you received your jersey, you find you don't like it and so on, these problem we don't accept .So hope you can understand us."

You would just be throwing your money away with that site.

This is also on that same page.

"Why do you charge my card more than your product price? We only receive the product price. The extra money may be charged by the blank as the blank fee.Hope you can understand."

Here is the link


There are so many red flags on that page alone.

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