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What it would take to get Ryane Clowe?

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Just wondering what it would take to get Ryane Clowe in a Canucks jersey?? would they take a Booth and Raymond for him, maybe hey? Because that Booth trade has just been Sh*t for Canucks no matter what anybody says....

Ryane Clowe is perfect fit on the 2nd line with kesler and maybe that playmaker that the canucks are going to get via UFA.. i hope anyways...lol


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A little off-topic, but I just realized how weird it is that he has an "e" at the end of his name... Ryane... doesn't look right at all.

I really don't think we have anything of value (that we would actually give up) for the Sharks. Unless they give up on Niemi and look towards Lu or Schneider as a solution I don't think we could get him.

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Booth is around the same value as Clowe, who is very similar to Higgins.

Booth was injured and still scored at over a 20 goal pace. Clowe scored 17 goals and 45 points in 76 games. Booth has a better shot and speed, Clowe is a better playmaker and is more physical and bigger. They are essentially the same value.

We do need to get bigger and Booth has been great for our team so far so I'd be happy to see us package something to do with Raymond/Schroeder/1st round pick for him, maybe throw in a depth guy like Rome/Alberts/Ballard if they want.

Sedin - Sedin - Booth

Higgins - Kesler - Clowe

Burrows - Lapierre - Hansen

Kassian - Malhotra - Bitz

Suddenly thats a much bigger, more physical lineup - much more similar to the Bruins and Kings who won cups with big forwards, skilled forwards and toughness throughout the lineup.

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