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[Proposal] Adding size, and skill while getting younger

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To Tor:

Roberto Luongo

Jordan Schroeder

Van 2012 2nd round pick

To Van:

Joe Colborne

Luke Schenn

Rights to Cody Franson

Vancouver does this because they gains 3 young players that could make huge impacts. All 3 are also very big, and physical players.

Toronto gets a number one goalie and should at least be able to make the playoffs now. Schroeder replaces Colborne in their prospect pool and they also get a pick.



Keith Ballard

Rights to Cody Franson

Rights to Mason Raymond

Van 2012 3rd round pick

Van 2013 2nd round pick

To Van:

Rights to David Perron

Rights to Chris Stewart

STL gets 2 defensemen, one in Ballard who could play a top 4 role at anytime, and Franson could be the future top pairing defensemen St. Louis is looking for with Pieterangelo. Raymond is swapped for Stewart, and could play anywhere in the top 9 for St Louis.

Vancouver gets a playmaking 2nd line winger who also has size. Stewart is struggling in STL and has very little value right now, but could turn it around, just like Raymond, so he is swapped with Raymond and a pick.

Ballard+Franson+2nd for Perron

Raymond+3rd for Stewart


To Col:

Yann Sauve

Van 2012 1st round Pick

Van 2013 4th round pick

To Van:

Derek Dorsett

CLB 2012 2nd round pick

CLB 2012 3rd round pick

The Canucks gain a physical, but responsible bottom 6 player who isn't afraid to drop the gloves. they also swap a late first for an early 2nd and 3rd.

CLB gains a solid defensive prospect in Sauve. They also gain a late 1st round pick and a 4th round pick to add to their draft pool.

Sauve+4th for Dorsett

1st for 2nd+3rd



Justin Schultz 2.7mil for 3years; 900k/year

Antero Nittymaki 2mil for 1year; 2mil/year


Chris Stewart 6.5mil for 2 years; 3.25mil/year

David Perron 18.75mil for 5years; 3.75mil/year

Cory Schneider 14mil for 4 years; 3.5mil/year

MA Gragnani 1.5mil for 2 years; 750k/year


My Custom Lineup


Daniel Sedin ($6.100m) / Henrik Sedin ($6.100m) / Chris Stewart ($3.250m)

David Booth ($4.250m) / Ryan Kesler ($5.000m) / David Perron ($3.750m)

Chris Higgins ($1.900m) / Joe Colborne ($1.100m) / Alexandre Burrows ($2.000m)

Jannik Hansen ($1.350m) / Maxim Lapierre ($1.000m) / Derek Dorsett ($1.633m)

Manny Malhotra ($2.500m) /


Dan Hamhuis ($4.500m) / Kevin Bieksa ($4.600m)

Alexander Edler ($3.250m) / Luke Schenn ($3.600m)

Justin Schultz ($0.900m) / Chris Tanev ($0.900m)

Marc-Andre Gragnani ($0.750m) / Andrew Alberts ($1.225m)


Cory Schneider ($3.500m)

Antero Niittymaki ($2.000m)


CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)

(these totals are compiled without the bonus cushion)

SALARY CAP: $70,300,000; CAP PAYROLL: $65,158,333; BONUSES: $462,500

CAP SPACE (23-man roster): $5,141,667

Lots of size on every line. Only player that we acquire that isn't big is Justin Schultz.

Line 1: Sedins with a big bodied powerforward 16-20mil/game

line 2: All over 6ft, 200lb, Perron is the playmaker for that line 18-24min/game

Line 3: Responsible shutdown line that could pitch in a lot offensively 13-18mil/game

Line 4: Dream energy line :wub: up to 13min a game

D1: Shutdown pair

D2: Edler can play his offensive style with the big, physical Schenn.

D3: Rookie 3rd pairing. Schultz is the offensive guy, and Tanev is the defensive player

Goalies: Schneider is the starter but has a veteran and very good backup in Nittymaki







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Schenn and Colborne are pretty overrated. Since they are the only assets we keep from the Toronto trade, I would have to say no.

No way St. Louis takes that trade. They are losing big time.

The Columbus deal is alright. We would probably have to upgrade that 4th to a 2nd or 3rd however. As it stands now Dorsett is quite a bit more valuable than Sauve.

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I doubt St.Louis does that trade. Ballard is overpaid for what he brings. They'd rather just re-sign Jackman or Colaiacovo, and they already have Pietrangelo, Shattenkirk, Russell, and Polak. Franson is certainly not the type of defenseman they are looking for to pair with Pietrangelo either.

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